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Problem: [Performance | Misc]
Region: [USA]

[LOST over 700+ hours of progress I don’t know about you but what if a game you took 3 years making vanished? Please add warning sign when you change the duration of all structures going forward. As well a update log in game for console users I stopped using this a while ago and was on the ball with duration now 700 hours gone 2 days before expire time was expected, I am playing offline from here on out.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Company releases game far to early.
2.Company makes many bad changes with out thinking about cause and effect.
3.Company constantly second guessing decision and changes it multiple times.
4.Failure to properly inform the community within the game, rather make them come here every update.

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Dude I feel you. That has to suck so much

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I feel it’s fair, they offered and have every patch notes put up on the main menu screen for Conan, you didn’t check your decay timer and it decayed. I personally have 1000+ hours and been on a server for over a half a year, if it decayed then I’d feel it being my own fault for not realizing the timer went down. Not developers problem.

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Let me be clear, my stuff has decayed many times prior to this I didn’t check it then, I was fine with the loss, however I had been fully aware of the situation this time and that is why I am pissed off. I KNEW full well this game had it’s fair share of issues but I also know the amount of times they have changed the duration of the structures many time 368h 326h 168h I was there when they removed the food system and cause and effect is lag when no solution to the thralls not having a decay timer was added to make up for the food system.

The issue is no thought goes in to the cause and effect of adding and removing and adjusting to the game. I ALSO don’t believe everyone should be subject to having to check the website everytime a patch comes out. I simply believe that if you have to change the duration of the buildings so much you should inform them within the game as well other wise you shouldn’t have released the game this way. Also listening to casual players who quit regardless of the changes is a bad idea as well which has been the case way too many times.

I don’t know how this carries over to console but there are saves of the game.
could a console user, who knows if and how to restore a game.db save pipe in?

Also as single player you have the option to turn off decay altogether, look for the option under server settings and tick decay off.

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