Add win/loss ratio (combined for all minis) to leaderboards

Can’t really be hard to make happen when you already made K/D ratio.

Whoever made the call to add K/D instead of W/L, sorry to put it like this… but why?

Should be no reason to not include both.

ps. minigame abandon should equal a loss or two.


Yes its kind of funny they left out the most important stat…

+1 :ok_hand:t2:

do people actually care about this? the minis are randomized teams. its like that somethingpapa guy hiding in stealth in losing minis like the entire server doesnt know he does this.

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even if many don’t care about it, it can raise some people to be aware of their playstyles to try winning.

surely there are trolls but it goes for everyone every now and then.

Actually that was exactly same thought i had, when saw leaderboards.

Yeah it’s the one stat most of us would like to see.

Yea! I rly like the idea of a leaderboard that shows that you play to win, not play to kill! Good suggestion :slightly_smiling_face: Also nice to show kills/deaths but the more info,the better :slightly_smiling_face: