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Devs, its time to add other stats to mini game scores. Add these: Healing done, damage done, assists, damage taken. Give teams credit for these! Not just kills / deaths. Revamp the game already!!! Its obvious ppl love the game, they still play it and put money in it. You fix some stuff up, more money.

I really believe AoC 2 would do well. I know many will say no, and hate, but look how long the game has run.

Much Love,
All AoC Players!

Would like to see healers and tanks getting credit for actually doing their jobs: healing and tanking to protect the clothies. As it stands now, if you don’t finish the kill you are out of luck (at least when they ‘fix’ it)

Why heal in a mini or carry the flags if you cant get kills that way? Tos/pom can at least do ranged and heal, bears are melee.

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Need to fix their servers first…

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This has been asked for 5+ years.

If it didn’t happen when they had a dev team of 100 people, it won’t happen with only one guy.

I totally agree, we have mediocre players who join just to make kills, they have no clue of team working, and what the purpose of those minigames are.

I do play a demo and i deal the highest DPS because i hit the whole enemy group, 6 players per hit, but the single target class deal more demage on the player and steal my kills. I have the highest DPS but i make few kills. I would like my toon to be on top on DPS, when i run the stats log i’m always on top of it.

Tanks they have to score the flag, why no stat showing how many scores has he made? And the healer why no stats showing how much did he heal?

They don’t need a whole team to work about it.

You can download the stats log and add few columns. The good player is not the one who makes the most kills, after 5 seconds the toon who has been killed is back there to fight, the good player is the one who play team work.

If you are top DPS, and you say other players steal the kills because they do more damage - that statement contradicts itself and tells me you are doing it wrong.

I see good players on Demo’s getting top kills all the time?

Some quick wins:
Make it so that capping a flag gives bonus XP or perhaps a token, or something to make it worthwhile and rewarding.

Encourage and reward other PVP centric activities, i.e. Capping a totem torrent point, attacking a certain % of a a totem etc.

Prob indeed now is since leaderboard is centric on score = kill or assist someone give a fu-k on the actual goal of mini. And if you care and pick up flag you are somtimes alone fought by 3 others and loose both flag an kills…

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I do the highest DPS because i hit the whole enemy team as a demo, i deal less damage on a single target but i hit the whole enemy team, and the combat log proves it, but a class that hits a single target deals more damage on the single target, therefore he gets the kill. He got an easy kill because since i do AoE the enemy team when a single target melee attacks he finds his enemy not 100% HP but 70% HP. I’m talking about DPS overall not DPS over a single target.

A demo is not a single target class, he has to lower the enemy team HP, then the melee attacks finding an enemy team that has been lowered. This is how a demo makes the difference in a team group.

Demos do not have single target skill, most of his skills are AoE, guess the reason.

Yes not caring about the flag is the typical random mini games, but i remember playing premade team against premade teams, and that’s what a demo is meant to do. If you want to single target with a demo then make a nec or a sin, works better.

Of is true wat jou say, by the time the dps has one down from 70 to 0, you have already 5 enemies down to 40% while the sibgle target dps is working on the second target., so you would get 5 kills…