Adding a six passive slot

I was Wondering if u guys could add a Six Passive Slot to the game because there a Passive skill that will work all 2 of the skill i have on my passive list on my character it’s Sweeping Slice and i’m Sword/Fist.

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A 6th passive slot have been asked for many times, so i doubt that is something they will do. Special Weapon Effects are a sort of passive skill, in which case you have 7. Some of the Weapons have passive abilities that correspond to some of the actual passive abilities of that same weapon. I assume they chose 5 actual passive slots, because you can then either chose to have the passive of each of your active abilities (since basic doesnt come with a passive), or chose a more weapon general passive at the cost of one of the ability specific ones.

Regardless it is a legit suggestion and should probably go in the Feedback and Suggestion thread =)

I think a better approach would be to make some of the central “essential” passives into things that are part of the weapon.
Which would be a far less strong buff to all weapons, since you don’t have the versatility of a slot but still would loose “slottax” (cost of one passive slot for using a weapon in a reasonable capability).

well in all the skill there a passive that would make the hole build stronger if only there was a 6th passive slot

The question is: do you need to be any stronger? :wink:

I get what you’re saying, but then we could just go on asking for/adding more and more passives. (Yes, I’m using a slippery slope argument, shame on me). The system is fine the way it is, we have to choose a build and not go all WoW/SWTOR and fill our screen with actives and CDs and have umpteen passives.

Though, if I were to do anything with the passives, it would be to rework one row into supporting offhand use only.


yea it may be fine for you but it not you who asking for the 6th passive here are you :slight_smile: lol

it do not matter if ur strong or not it need to be all even count that means 6 active and 6 passive when u have only 6 active and 5 passive it’s uneven count and so we need a 6 passive to make it even count with the 6 active and yes when it even count then ur stronger then ever.

It doesnt HAVE to be anything. What they made it EVEN with is that you can equip a passive for each of the active abilities that have one.

they need it to be Even Count 6/6 not 6/5 because even if u have talisman or Gadge to replace the missing Passive we still need the 6th Passive Slot to make it better no matter what and other i shouldn’t be explain this to no one but the GM it is up to them not anyone else sorry it the truth.

It really is something people can have different opinions on though, and any opinion is equally important. If you think you get anything out of talking to a GM, this might not be the place to do so. That said, it is a suggestion, nothing more, nothing less, and one GM can not decide on their own to make such a change. Demanding something specific, demanding being the keyword here, is not gonna get you anywhere either. If the Dev team had to listen to every demand of every player on a personal one on one, they wouldnt have time to do anything else, not to mention there will be opposing opinions on most everything. This is why they made the Feedback and Suggestion thread. So once again i strongly suggest you post your suggestion there like everyone else, unless you actually care to hear others opinion on the matter.

I can definitely see your point about matching the passives to each active slot, but I think part of the reason they aren’t equal is that it prompts you to think about the way you use your weapon.

As an example, I main fist weapon, and I could use my passives to focus on a build that’s heavy on DoTs (which lets me use Ferocity for a huge damage burst); equally, I could change those and make my build focus on building fury as quick as possible. Even with the same 6 active abilities, the passives can totally switch the way your build works, and I quite like that.

Simply using the 6 passives to match the 6 active abilites may not make the best use of them, and I think having 6 slots might give a subtle indication that this is what you are supposed to do (or at least that you should default to this)

Demanding without explaining why something would be a good idea will most definitly not work. The devs don’t do any change to the game without some thought in the back.
As far as I can see the only reason currently speaking in favor is to make it easier to get a build done that includes more of the passives that bring damage/survivability. On the other hand the current system works for the devs in forcing being picky with passives to get the right ones. Since even if you try matching passives to abilities you are one short, so you are forced to make a tough call.

As long as that doesn’t change I fail to see why the devs would change it. They just need a really amazing reason, to stop what they are doing right now at least partly and work on it, no matter how short it takes.

That’s not even true since there are no dedicated passives for basic abilities in the game, and you’re forced to take an active basic ability (i’d not count odds&evens since it’s not even a “dedicated” passive for an ability but rather a generic shotgun one, which works with multiple abilities).

Also, don’t feed the troll.

Oh totally forgot that. Derped out there for a bit it seems.

Fun was had,
lets torch the thread…

I haven’t tried every weapon but for those I have tried it seems pretty obvious which ones are the core must slot for it to work well passives. Only exception seems to be the pistols with their 50 different “your pistols do 0.1% more damage” passives, might as well roll a dice what to slot and 1 extra slot won’t change a thing there.

Kinda what i have been trying to say. An example of weapon especially counting in as a passive. Blade have two abilities helping with Chi gen, based on time. For the longest i ran both in my attempt to up keep spirit blade. Then a blade was added that also gen Chi based on time. Runing all three i found over the top, so the new blade replace a passive, and I got to use another passive instead.

Not sure I’m remembering it entirely accurately, but I think the damage boost from the 6th passive slot was wrapped up with all the stat boosts which we buy with SP rather than it coming from weapons and talis. :thinking:

Yeah i can’t remember what their argument was not to do it, but i know it was asked a lot in the beta, and it was refused. Honestly personally i don’t mind too much. There need to be a limitation somewhere, or we would all be running around with EVERYTHING lol. From TSW we were limited at 8/8, and i feel like people seem to default to that number of “need” here, because thats what we had. The way Actives and Passives work are SO different in SWL though. Personally i feel like i see more variation in builds than i ever did in TSW, and i really like how the Gadget, Signets, Tali specials, and not least Weapon specials add in to the build.

i think it came up in beta every 2 weeks as more invites were sent out :grin:

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to be fair, they don’t neccesarily make you stronger than adding another passive slot, because then you could choose the power passive and the mechanic passive.

I agree with your general point though, there are different passives which work in different arenas, and some builds benefit from a mixture of choices.