Additional features I would like to see

Watching the newest Funcom video, I wanted to make some suggestions on things that would make the game more fun in my opinion. Alex has already touched on some of them, and not on others. Obviously there are some priority fixes right now that put these way down at the bottom.

  • Transmogification system for everyone. That means you can choose the look of your character over the armor you’re wearing. So if you wanted to wear Darfari light armor, but liked the bonuses from silent legion, then you’d craft silent legion and select the Darfari armor appearance for it assuming you had the feat. It’s a costume system of sorts. It would allow players to use all the dlc armor’s looks they liked, regardless of temperature or bonuses. For PvP, this is something y’all would have to discuss since it could make it hard to see what a player is using and how to counter them.

  • Blizzard up North like the Sandstorm (credit to Aaron Tye in the video comment section)

  • Tweaks to dodge cost (maybe? Not too sure on this one. Reaction timing’s new importance and the comparison to Dark Souls should mean you’re also able to react more as needed?)

  • Better thrall AI (Funcom talked about this one)

  • Ability to dye saddles (Funcom talked about this one)

  • In PvE Officials, it would be fun to have the purge frequency and difficulty increase as players got more powerful to the point where it became nearly daily. It would not happen offline, however. I guess it could be tied to the % items you have concentrated in locations across the map. Collectors with everything are at higher risk versus fresh spawns. Or have the purge meter trigger value slowly decrease the longer you actively play. Something along those lines? This is a controversial one because many don’t like the purge. I think it’s fun to face an assault by huge PvE mobs with friends that pose a threat to your base on PvE servers. The game can get boring really fast.

Add your suggestions below and feel free to disagree with mine.


I think this is a great example of, and why I was happy to hear, what Alex was agreeing with regarding looking into separate settings for PvE vs PvP servers. Whether it comes to fruition or not, it was at least acknowledged in a positive sense.

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One possible way to do it would be to have a client-side setting that you can toggle, which would allow you to choose whether the client renders the real armor or the cosmetic armor. Just throwing the idea out there.

Yay to all of these!

I have some ideas and some strong feelings about the Purge, so I’ll just say that I don’t agree with the direction in which this would take the Purge, and I’ll leave the rest of my comments for a thread I’m preparing to create in the suggestions forum :slight_smile:

Yes for PvE!, but absolutely nope for pvp.

As much as i would like this, the sandstorm has something else more than an enviromental hazzard… would bi nice to have more than a fixed sandstom though: blizzards, tornados, Volcano eruption, etc.

Should cost a little more to dodge in heavy armor, just a little

In general, yes, that would be the best thing that caould happen to thralls and enemies right now

And they will!

There should be a lot more PvE elements in PvE servers and the purge should be one of them… would be nice to see faction patrols or scouting parties from time to time…

I would love to see a parrying system and better sword/shield combos, i love those two but the combos are just terrible for me right now

I would also like to see thrall carrying horses, and wagons to carry more than 1 thrall at the time

Transmog - Would be cool, but comes with a number of ramifications. I would like this system myself, but maybe not so much so when considering some the problems it may bring. However, if it could be added without a cost to the game, Im on board.

Blizzard - I’ve talked about this idea with my buddy as well. The north is already one of the most dangerous areas, but Im not opposed to further danger and I think this would be a great addition.

  • Add to that monsoons in the jungle (it seems to always be raining there anyways, but ease up on the constant raining, but add in the chance for heavy, damaging and dangerous rains.

Tweaks to dodge - I agree with more tweaks, but am not entirely sure where I’d want to go with this. I think the dodge should cover more distance then it currently does, but certainly much less then it used to. Currently, the dodge just feels like I’m sorta crippled and that isn’t the best feeling in the game.

Better thrall AI - 100x yes. For our followers as well as the enemy npcs.

Ability to dye saddles - yes. Though figured this was coming, just a matter of time.

Purges - Like CodeMage, I have mixed thoughts on the purges. First things first is just getting them into a consistently working order. from there we can expand on the complexities of it.

I have had a million and a half different ideas since playing this game since green light, but recognize many of those ideas were probably 'in the moment sort of sparks of imagination" however, a couple reoccurring things that have popped up in my head over and over:

You mentioned the Blizzards and in a sense by extension covered the monsoon (even crazier would be eruptions in (or wilder still, from) the volcano, however, I understand the ambition behind that potential addition).

I have also constantly been hung up on the idea of gatherer thralls. It doesn’t have to be any of the rarer of resources, in fact I’d be happy with just stone and wood.

But a thrall mining and lumber jack station (with the addition of new gathering miner and lumberjack thralls) would be amazing. I love building, I absolutely hate farming stone. The gathering stations wouldn’t even have to remove those aspects of the game (and could be very end level) but being able to put a thrall down on a couple of benches and come back later to a pile of the most mundane and time draining resources to get would be outstanding. I would love it.

I guess off the top of my head, my parting idea would be (now that we have horses and I am being ambitious about the ideas I am putting forth) I would love to be able to build a single horse chariot. I just like the idea due to the possibilities it’d open up (probably plenty of ramifications I haven’t thought of) but they could be outfitted with blades on the wheels, the ability to carry another player (or thrall? But yah, follower limit stuff, yada yada) or have more slots for carrying stuff.

I think chariots would fit into the game nicely and would be a fun addition to the mounts we just got.

Hell yes, it will also suck you out and throw you away.

Imagine, typhons coming from the east and tsunamis destroying every building in the coast, actual sandstorms happening in the dessert and blizzards in the north…

i wish the sandstorm as we know it had more than just sand, like in the trailer, with those demons…

Haha! Well… as cool as that would be, a blizzard would be a lot more realistic since they’d only have to re-skin the sandstorm.

Yeah, I definitely understand the PvP concern in regards to transmogification. I was more referring to PvE. Perhaps only light armor could be transmuted with other light armor, heavy with heavy, and medium with medium? But I understand if even that is too big of an issue. A good change for PvE for sure though I think!

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