Additional Functionality for Thrall Pot and Feed Box

With the limits set to be added, there WILL be problems with existing thralls & pets.

One of those, is going to be with the ones that have fallen through buildings or even the ground, and which for some reason don’t reset properly with being out of render range or a server restart.

So how do we fix this? A [theoretically] simple option: add a button [or something] in the ‘service list’ of Thrall Pots and Feed Boxes that sets that thrall/pet to follow you. This should hopefully allow us to then move away and have them pop up near us - assuming the problem causing them to vanish is not a world breaking bug.

Also, it’d just be a useful feature. :grinning:

If you wanted to take it a step further, you could add the option to break bonds from the pot/box as well.

Thanks for reading, hope it gets added :grinning:


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