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I bought the Conan Exiles Game, and I’m trying to play and evolve the character, but it happened that on the official server # 1977PvE Conflict - g- portal the sulfur lake is full of foundations, making it impossible for other players to continue trying to evolve in the game. However, this feature is very necessary. Making other players give up playing. Is there anyone who could solve this problem?

Unfortunately Funcom takes a hands-off approach to their official servers except in cases of blatantly obvious cheating and exploiting, which doesn’t include the deliberate blocking of resources.

What this basically means is that as long as players aren’t exploiting game bugs for an advantage, they’re basically free to do whatever they want, which…kinda super sucks, and is one of the reasons I’ve never stuck around on an official server for long.

Take a look in caves for brimstone. The lake is very convenient, but its not the only way.

Thanks for the reply, friend … I feel the same way about official servants. In this case of my topic I consider it a bug in the game because in these places construction should be prohibited, after all sulfur does not resurface for anyone else. Since it is a server where the structures are indestructible, the resource is inaccessible forever.

Fortunately as @darthphysicist mentioned, you can also find brimstone in caves, specifically in Sinner’s Refuge, Gallaman’s Tomb, and Executioner’s Entrance (and any others I’m not thinking of at the moment), and if you don’t mind swimming you can collect it from around the underwater gas vents off the coast around Jamilla’s Liberty as well. So while blocking off the Shattered Springs is unquestionably a dick move, at least it’s not the only place to get brimstone.

Thanks for the reply friend, but as it is a server that is almost always crowded, the caves are almost always empty … I hope that this aspect will improve one day.

All the way to the east is the deep water, lots of gold, silver and brimstone to be had

What you are looking for does exist, You want there to be rules against building in those spot or against players spaming structure to block trap or restrict other players?

You will have no luck waiting for this to be implemented on officials, Funcom have made their stance clear that they have no interest in moderating their official servers to that degree. But I have good news for you, such a place does exist. Private servers are run by independent admins who actively moderate their servers and also ban cheaters exploiters and players that do things like block resources.

You can find private servers that mimic vanilla official servers, or ones with mods, orones with boosted rates. The big plus about them is that they often will have an active administrator who does what we all wish funcom would do. I made the move to private servers long ago and it’s like a breath of fresh air :wink: You can literally report something and within a few hours, or even minutes if an admin is online at the time, they will message you back and see if they can help you. I have seen admins who help players with things like NPC’s stuck in rocks or players getting stuck in parts of the map or glitched structures, they will foundation wipe people who break the server rules and even investigate potential exploits on your behalf. Getting funcom to do any of those things well… you would have better luck trying to squeeze water from a rock my friend.

Try some private servers see how you like them and if you enjoy them then please by all means stay awhile and listen :slight_smile:


On Official Server 3554 on PS4, we have the exact same issue. There is a clan called “suck less” that has enclosed obelisks. Is that not considered exploiting considering if you have already attuned yourself to the obelisk and you were to travel there, you are stuck with the only way out being to remove bracelet. On a technicality you are exploiting an area of the map to gain an unfair advantage i.e blocking people from using services that were inherently in the game, to begin with. Or trapping players inside a base for fotter. The issue is you should not be allowed to block off services to players that were provided by the game. For the record, it’s not just 1 either. it’s multiple. Can i please get some sort of statement or a link to a statement from a dev on this issue.

I don’t have a direct link (it would take me as much time to find it as it would take you, I’m sure), but obelisk blocking is currently not against terms of conduct. Only instances where a player is prevented from “completing” the game, ie. if the whole starting area was walled off or someone blocks the dungeons/locations where Keystone pieces are found, will Funcom take action. Useful resources and fast travel options are unfortunately not protected this way.

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