Adopting the Rust base UPKEEP

In time, this could be a really good way to go. For those who doesn’t know, it could be like this; you have a “main base chest” where you need to store building material based on the building type (T1-T3, south or north) which is used to indirectly repair the base from decaying HP over time. So if you build a base without adding this decay upkeep materials it will lose HP in line with the decay timer, and reach 0 HP when time is up. (Or, scrap the decay timer and only use upkeep)

Here is a few reasons for it:

  1. When you are done building the base, you dont have any more to do on the building front - now you do.

  2. Prevent people from building massive bases that put a strain on the server preformance - as the upkeep for a massive base would be too time consuming. (Upkeep cost shouldn’t be too expensive though)

  3. Making it possible to remove abandoned bases cheaper before their decay time is up.

  4. Base will auto repair (slowly and perhaps with a delay) after the base is raided. (Additionally it should be a delay on manual repair on a live raid - say 30 seconds - so that you cannot just out repair the explosive jars.

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I’d love to see this system integrated with thralls and a completed ‘Settlement’ system. It’s a big system, and deserves more focus. I hope you don’t mind me going on a tangent and risk hijacking this, but I want to provide a second way of doing this — a vision of the Settlement system.

You could have one main station, which is your ‘Quartermaster’ station. This guy doles out pay (in the form of coins) and food. Both of these affect a morale meter. There are other factors that affect morale, such as dancers and decoratives. High morale can bring new thralls in as ‘volunteers’, but low morale can lead thralls to turn violent and mutiny.

At your Quartermaster, you can set up roles. You can assign thralls to be Builders, which is a role that takes Carpenters, Smelters, Blacksmiths, and perhaps Stonemasons.

Builders will perform their task from their own crafting station, the ‘Builders’ station. At the Builders station, you get a table of required materials. Say your builders need 50 shaped wood, 20 iron ingots, and 10 bricks to repair everything nearby to 100%. The table will list that, and you can drop those materials into the station. You might stock extra, just in case. This station is big, and can take perhaps 4 thralls.

I would couple this with a system that not only decays structures over time, but actively damages them over time.

This system goes more into thrall upkeep, plus building upkeep. Upkeep means that players will need to increasingly leave their base to gather materials, if they hope to keep it up.

I like systems like this because they make raiding more long-termed. If you want to crack a fortress open, you would lay siege to it. Prevent the players inside from gathering food to spur on a mutiny. Prevent them from harvesting materials for repairs. Eventually they will lose their thralls, their walls will crack, and you can get at the loot inside.