After 2 Years, farewell Conan Exiles!

Since january 2017, the day the servers went online, I log in to enjoy this fantastic idea Funcom had, the game of my dreams, and have been playing since then. Unfortunately, not all ideas/decisions from FC are player friendly, and games are supposed to be fun, not a job, I’ll explain.

Offline Purges, seriously developers, whose idea was this? I came back from a long trip after november to december, lost all my stuff to decay, started over, all over, lots of things, just to discover today at the moment I logged in, a purge was happening in my tree house, all gone! Decay is already a pain, but understandable, but Offline Purges??? really? and I played today 20 min before the purge happened, just logged, and saw the end of it, everything I did since when I came back from the trip at the start of this month, a beautiful T3 Kithan tree house… gone! (funny thing, I bought the Khitan DLC days ago to start support the dire times this game is facing, I feel naive).

In a PvP server, if this was by a raid from players, but no, an offline Purge, I know this can happen with everyone, but never happened on houses I used to build on trees, just once, its enough for me to give up on this game, even loving it, spending hours and hours a day, going to sleep late at nite, I can’t accept this, because this is no fun, this is NOT a friendly System, this is NOT an enjoyable feature where you play so much, to be wasted happening when you’re NOT playing, the purge should happen when you’re ONLINE, not offline.

It feels like a job, having to do everything again, hours and hours and hours again because of a troll system, yes, I say troll, because you feel like a clown playing doing all that grinding, to be wasted by a damn offline purge, thats it, I can’t stand this.

With all my heart, I wish you success Funcom, I really do, this game is unique, with tons of potential that you know, I’ll continue checking the progress and comming here on the forums to know whats going on, opining, but I just can’t spend more time playing repetitive things because of a feature that I consider wrong for a casual (even hardcore) play. I have a life, and I don’t want to waste it here doing exactly the same things because of a troll decision, im sorry, I don’t want to sound rude, but this decision is wrong, and you will still lose players because of it. I may be back when (if) offline purge is not a thing anymore. And no, I won’t play on private servers.

Have a good New Year’s Eve, may Conan Exiles and your next future games prevail, and watch out carefully your decisions.

GG all.

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That has to be beyond painful. Take some time to shake it off and give some consideration to a player hosted server, with different purge settings? I’m new to the game and can’t believe my luck in finding it. One thing I really like with sandbox games is starting new places. I get to try completely new building ideas. Build a base in the water. Build one hanging from an aquaduct. Build AI traps where NPCs can’t logic their way back out. So much to do.

You get to make a fresh start (after cooling off on your CE vacation) and fresh starts are one of the best parts. If you don’t ever make it back, I hope you find a new awesome game to play.


That really does suck. As someone whose left and come back a couple times, I hope you decide to check the game out again in the future. gg :slightly_smiling_face:


Caco, you will be back!, this game needs a lot of optimization and fixes, and it will one day be one of the best games out there. Check every now and then for updates. Merry christmas and happy new year to you too!. You said no privates, but if you change your mind let me know and I can recommend a few good ones with reduced issues (like no offline purges).


Unfortunatly, in games like this,decay needs to be a thing for obvious reasons for when people quit the servers etc (annoying but understandable).

The “offline purges” thing can be changed in the server settings and set so that a set amount of players must be online before bases can be eligable to be purged, so, if playing on private/friends servers etc, tell them to change this setting. You the server owner/admin can also set time frames that purges can happen, so, if you know you can only play between say 5-10pm every day, you can set this as the only possible window for purges, so you dont get purged when at work/asleep etc. Thralls can also be placed in/around your base to defeat incoming purges, even when you are not near said bases, and if playine on oficial servers, try to invite more people into your clan so that you always have someone online to avoid things like this too.

This is how I set my private server to and it works well. My server is open to anyone. PM me for details.

I feel your frustration, @Caco - So long and good luck.


I bet you’ll be back! Everyone’s had some kind of frustration in this game. But we keep playing! :slightly_smiling_face:


There are other ways of dealing with the problem. As it stands, the game is defeating itself through this core mechanic. Between pvp, purge, and decay timer, 90% of players have experienced a really foul taste in their mouth. The rest of the game is nice enough to hope it gets better, to crawl back to. But the customer is left feeling robbed.

Imagine if at a resturaunt you got up to go to the restroom for 10 minutes, and the servers threw your food away.

Imagine if you dropped your car off at the mechanic, payed for service, then asked to pick up your car ommorrow. So they sell it for scrap.

Imagine if diablo wiped your characters gear f you didnt play for a week. Or WoW.

“This isnt a mmo.” Yea, no kidding. Its got 3-5k players worldwide, when games like rust and ark have over 40k.

Gotta do something different.

This is like watching a race, where your favorite driver insists on racing with squsre tires while driving backwords. Everyone knows its bad, wont work. No matter how pretty the car. How good the drive, however much HP can be crammed under the hood. Does not matter when a few simple mistakes ruin the machine.

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Game loops. Conan Exiles needs game loops.

I haven’t played Rust, but I have played Ark, so I can use that one for comparison. Both CE and Ark have base building. Both allow players to acquire NPCs – CE has actual people whereas Ark has dinos. But here’s where the two systems differ…

In CE, you hunt for a “named” thrall (max level with special features). This is static advancement. In Ark, you hunt for a max level, but you continue the game loop to breed higher and higher level dinos. This is dynamic advancement.

In CE, you can hunt world bosses. This is again a static advancement. Its there - you kill it. In Ark, your highly bred dinos are needed to team up on a world boss. They are so difficult, it takes a team to bring one down. This is again dynamic advancement. You have to prepare for a world boss encounter.

In CE, you build bases with several tiers of development accessible when reaching an appropriate level. In Ark, you build bases with several tiers of development accessible when reaching an appropriate level – but the final level requires “ascension” – completing certain tasks.

These are just a few of the game loops, but I think it would dramatically impact CE if the advancement wasn’t so static. And there are many different kinds of game loops that could be added – in many different ways, too.


There are definitely some stumbles in the decay system. If you could claim a decayed structure rather than destroy it, that would put alot of server unique experiences to the game. It would also give new players a way to get into the action and fun of the game right away rather than grinding.

The extensive grind in a pvp survival game is a bit of a conundrum, creating an experience that requires loads of patience and focus while designing it to be short lived.

I think there are few ways to fix that.
1 making structures more permanent
2 making EVERYTHING less permanent and speeding up progression

All in all, this game requires a heavy social interaction between players to create the world, but as we all know, people generally lack these skills online hahaha! So hard work lost to raids is inevitable.


Nice words from everyone, in this renovation spirit from the end to the new year, I got along with my anger and troubles leaving them behind, and will start again as I love, played and followed this game since its birth. Often suggesting and opining things from CE reddit when this forum didnt even was a thing.

While I understand this game is a work in progress, to deal with offline purges, I’ll make sure to get some thralls and pets to defend my place when that happens again.

Let the exiled barbarian life continues! :muscle:


This is great news!


I agree, My clan-mates and myself all have very demanding jobs, recently we got hit by an offline purge. My neighbors said I was attacked by baby dragons, I dont think any of my thralls can handle a wave of baby dragons without my help. with that being said.

or where I could find that info?

yep good luck with thralls defending when you will have a offline purge with an undead dragon at alst wave, there is a critical prolem here… purge should never happens when offline on officiai server. there is a decay system to take care of players who left… purge offiline is just critical gameplay error…

and purges time are + 1 hour and less one hour of raid time on offcial servers, so usually 6 pm to 10 pm server local time

This is really a shame, for a long time I keep saying this but they dont listen.

  1. Offline Purges:
    Most unreasonable system, people want to PLAY Purges, not have them happen when you are not online! Its one of the few things high lvl players have to do, build bases and prepare them for Purges. If we cant play Purges we wont build bases, wont collect thralls, in resume, we wont play the game.
    And Funcom doesnt even offer a bug free game so our bases can actually survive offline Purges. Thralls are limited, AI is always broken, Purge mechanics is constantly broken, etc… Sure, we all understand the logic in that, we need some sense of danger but why cant Purges focus on online players before targeting offline players? People really want to play them, not wait weeks/months and have t happen when you are no there

  2. Decay system:
    imo, servers are not that populated enough to justify how fast Funcom wants to destroy abandoned buildings. The decay system only hurts ACTIVE players! The timer is too short, people dedicate hundred if not thousand hours playing this game, it only takes a major hardware problem to lose all your progress. 7 days is a joke, imagine this situation. You havent logged in for 3 days (you took a weekend off) then when its Monday night, you come back from work/school, turn on your computer and boom! Hardware problem! Thats it, you have 4 days to get everything sorted now! Identify the problem, buy new parts, have somebody install them for you, reinstall the game and log in! It might be not enough time and you are at the risk of losing everyting! If you are a console user you are even more screwed… I play the game since EA day 1 and if something like this happens to me… Im gone, I will not return to the game.
    7 days is the maximum timer but you cant expect people to be online 24h and have their stuff at max decay timer whenever a problem happens… Decay should be at least a month, is it so hard to understand structures will decay whenever a player decided to quit for good? They wont come back to refresh it, it can be a month, 1 year, 10 years, it WILL decay! It doesnt have to be 7 days! It only hurts active players that eventually will have a problem and lose everything!


Been there, done that, Caco.

It’s hard to stop when an elder, believe u me.

I did this-
… playing Conan as it comes on officials.
Bugs , griefers, the heartfelt pains when shyt hits fans, “need to survive that too” is my stance now.

sandbox online multlplayer survival … a game on his own.

For instance >
We gamers know - the enviroment like npc’s who are triggered by other players are substantail information to survive, we implie thát 100%, so we cán implie other variables if we want, we just need to want it.

expertise comes in the understanding of the compete package, so experience in a game REALLY does count in that perspective.

Above that i play on more servers, spreading the pain to be able to continue on another server in a way.

just mesmerizing

like scouting a server and walking into things like this…


you need a drink, that water is a little low :wink:

I get what your saying, but I think 7 days is fair. at least of pve/conflict servers. people just like to build and make a mess at least on my server. i.e. we just had 2 people move in near our bases one person made a huge tower and then never came back, just caused a lot of havoc in the area and left. when I logged in and the tower was gone I was relived. Like you I have grinded till my fingers hurt to make my stuff. I even took a break and didnt play for like a month, just logging on to re up my timer. once a week was not that bad.

Im bout the only Exile able to die of thirstynessness… while swimming.

Glad you noticed, i drunk a beer myself to correct it instantly.

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