After playing and running private server I have a number of suggestions

So been running private server since before launch and playing since beta but only did bug reports
Now time for my personal suggestions (I’m sure someone else has suggested these before hand)

  1. The only admin options for sandstorms are on or off. How about adding a less frequent option?
    I personally didn’t mind the sandstorms as they were but others on server disliked them greatly
    But it REALLY nagged at me being forced to just turn them off rather then having ability to downgrade them instead.

  2. How does one get rid of a broken Thrall when you no longer want it?
    I tried placing one I didn’t want in a Hyena spawn point and the Hyenas just ignored him
    Can’t we just get a remove option or even a return to inventory option for placed thralls?

  3. So with the above mentioned unwanted Thrall I had him follow me into a cave hoping if I cant get rid of him, at least he could join in the fights.

And he did
After they were over mind you
Really helpful sort he was.

  1. (will be making bug report on this as well but figure mention here as well)
    The thralls I do have at home continue to remove the weapons I gave them
    So archers unequip bow and stand ready to punch it out
    Sword and sheild fighters unequip sword and sheilds
    You have to manually go back and reequip them for the items to show

  2. need more clothing options and decorations (even at lower levels)

Thats it for now but thanks