After September 1, 2023, "THRALL DECAY TIME" is set to "1 day"

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: All
Map: Exiled Lands & Isle of Siptah
Server Name: Maybe all ※At the time of reporting, all Japan servers and Asia servers

Bug Description:

After September 1, 2023, At the time of reporting, the “THRALL DECAY TIME” of all Japanese servers and Asian servers is set to “1 day”.

And probably all other regions where the degradation time will be reset soon will also have similar switching settings.

Many players are already suffering from unreasonable loss of THRALL.

Bug Reproduction:

Please review all server settings and the “THRALL DECAY TIME” item. And hopefully change the settings soon.

Please confirm as soon as possible, @Community


Solution (the only acceptable kind):

  1. Someone needs to be fired. Seriously.
  2. Rollback. Every. Fragging. Server.

@Sarealac this is a major issue. The settings must be fixed and servers rolled back.


Yep, this is a really bad one and so close to the nemedian catastrophe. I’m starting to think funcom doesnt want us to play this game.


PC oficial servers have same problem


I would not get your hopes up @Narelle. Just look at how the nemedian foundation issue was handled. And I am getting a strong sense of deja vu at the moment.


Our NA private server looks ok and official Siptah server NA. This is Bull Dung. Have not seen anything from Funcom yet.


it’s the weekend
on Monday they’ll notice something’s wrong
On Tuesday, they decide they might have to deal with it.
On Wednesday they announce that too much time has passed and in 14 days there will be an x3 weekend to compensate


@CustomerService please see the reports pertaining to follower decay time on the forum.


Thanks for the additional information!

This issue appears to occur on PS, PC, and Xbox alike.

Users who are not already lost will have to log in frequently until server configuration changes are made.

However, considering that a “day” is exactly 24 hours, (users who have not currently lost THRALL) will need to log in twice a day to prevent further losses.

I and a few users would like to share these information with Japanese users as much as possible and hold out until the setting changes are made.


Thank you!
Your help would be appreciated.


That is alright Treeyou_anyone. But I am not an employee of Funcom, just a regular guy who loves to play Conan Exiles in his free time. I can only hope that someone sees our posts in time an acts upon it before it is too late. Good luck my good fellow.


It’s weekend. Good luck having this fixed until Monday…


FORUM MODERATOR please contact funcom about issue

But it’s x4 all the time already. Maybe theyll kick it up to x8.

Fortunately i have been playing on our main server recently so at least we got to keep ours on there. On the other ones i play all followers lost, though. Funcom is running the game so poorly it’s unbelievable. Can’t wait to see how they plan to compensate this one…

does anyone know how we can recover all the slaves and the items on them?
on server #1039 is the same problem

Same on Xbox EU official servers. All gone. All that hard work - gone…
I’m not doing anything till there’s an answer from FC in case they do a roll-back and then I lose something else.
Who the heck is checking these server updates before implementing the changes?
1 day decay basically means no point having thralls any more. I play solo, I work, I can’t log on every day - just the most stupid change ever.

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After the the Nemedian losses this honestly feels intentional. If you don’t want us on your servers please just say that so we don’t waste our time.

I was playing just yesterday and lost all of mine.