AFTERMATH of Halloween and future events

So, what’s going to happen when all this Halloween stuff is over?
Is there going to be another update to remove all stuff you put into this?
What are your plans on this and other “holiday events”?
How are you going to handle this?

Right now, I am postponing allowing this new update to install.
The last update I got was before the Halloween update and things went to half sane to crazy. I’ve read this update is a patch for what’s already been done but if I’ve been lucky, I didn’t install this Halloween update in the first place simply because I didn’t want it. (It just doesn’t belong imho).
But if I’m to continue to play this game (either SP or MP), what I want to know is what are your plans for returning the game to it’s previous state before Halloween Hell broke loose?
Or am I stuck at a point where this game will no longer be playable without this recent update>

Yes, they already said they will be patching out the Halloween stuff after the event is over (even is 7 days). Anything that isn’t strictly relevant to the Halloween event will remain (the bug fixing part).

organize a poll to have real opinion, i myself liked this event as it was originally. I do not talk of bug of course, as i had no lag issue or problem on pc due to the event.

The Halloween Event will be patched out. Items you got from the event will remain but everything else will be reverted.

We plan to have a proper survey/poll after the event to get feedback for future events.

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thx you so much tascha, have a great friday afternoon and i’m sure the week end will give you a well deserved rest to you and all the team.

et bravo pour le français :wink:

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