I whant my game back please

As of now, it should be clear that this Halloween event wasn´t apreciated by to many players to call it a succes.

So I hope FC learned for the next time, and I don´t ever have to see any other things like crismas tomtar or easter bunnys in my SP game ever.

Now I demand (with all respect but I´m getting a bit angry now) I get the game back I payed for. It´s now after 13.30 European time (I´m in the same timezone as norway) and the 7. of november.
Until the 6. was this night of lost players suposed to last.
If nothing happens asap, an other negative review is due.

After whatching the last finacial report of FC I´m convinced we, the paying customers deserf a better treatment then this.
Realy disapointed is what I am.


I’d like to challenge that. We were many that enjoyed it.

However, I quite agree that the time has passed and some word on when we can expect a return to normalcy would be appreciated.


The very slim minority everyone I have asked / talked to didn’t like it or absolutely hated it or felt meh.

From the broken unbalanced drops first few days that has ruined many servers economys to the migraine inducing blue hue.

If you did truly enjoy it then I’m happy for you but 85% percent did not it says something when during this event the highest population spike I saw on any server the few times I check just to see was 15/40.

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I don´t begrudge anyone the fun they had with it.

I just think if we had the figures, I´m sure we would see enough people not whanting it, to make the asumption that forcing everybody to take part is not a succesfull desicion.

Making it a week long,and now even longer without a coment as to when and how we get the survival game back many of us whant to play. is just plain ingnorance towards the many bad remarks uppon this event.

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Pulled those numbers out of your ass or…? The poll says 68% liked it, albeit with some of those preferring the option to turn it off, or control the duration themselves for their own servers.


That poll was taken on day 1 if you repoll now it will be much different. Wait for the event end poll.

I also only see 49 percent thought it was good not 69? That means 51 percent did not care for it which on fact does still put 49 in the minority.

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Maybe. Who knows. But the 85% figure is still just you inventing numbers to back up your argument. I don’t doubt that the clusterf–k that’s currently happening, with the event going even beyond it’s intended lifespan, will sour some people to it.

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Most people like the even (yes some improven might be good) so i se no problem. And i you dont like it you can just ignore it and not go and farm metriors.

I don’t think it is. My server pop dropped 80 percent since day 2. First day was the normal 25/40 on day 1. On day 2 at the same time it was 7/40 and that trend continued all week.

That’s the problem you can’t just ignore it. It’s pitch black on entire server with a redicoules blue hue and purple everywhere. It forces you to participate if your collecting metors or not.

If the had the option to turn it on or off then sure it would not be an issue. It was forced on everyone though.

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According to the post with the votes, half players liked it. Of the other half some did with modifications as far as I understand, and about a quarter of voters didn’t like it at all.

I personally didn’t like the Blue light thing during this whole week, and been playing other things with an ocasional visit to CE, where I found a meteor spawn point I camped for a couple or three showers then logged oro (bit of eye strain I must say). Oh, Mikey, I wouldn’t qualify this event as challenging, mind you what I myself did with the event… camping meteors… not very challenging for me besides finding the right spot so that I could get the most meteors to spawn and be there (because of the rendering distance thing). All in all, a bit of a waste of time.

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I hope you´re joking right, just ignore it?
I looked into CE for an hour this weekend and couldn´d stand it.

By the way, I din´t parttake in this poll because I´m not on here every day, specialy when the game takes a way I don´t like, I just do somthing else.
And that´s what many people do I supose.

I play SP on hard settings with low XP and all because I like the survival feel and I realy am sick of this purple stunt of all you can grap.

It´s more a black friday feel then a survival game.

Me neither - not sure why you’re addressing me? I found the whole thing fairly easy to (almost) ignore, if one was so inclined.

What are you talking about, darker? Its not even dark on the nights, its just a blue filter. Its not darker rather brighter.

Sorry my bad, misunderstood your words in your post thought you said it was challenging, when you meant to challenge what the previous posted said. Appologies! :wink:

You must have some really high gamma settings then if you believe it was brighter then the sun light. Good for you.

I begin to experience headaches after only 30 minutes. It may vary for others. I have only played a Max of like 3 hours straight since the event started at the end of those 3 hours I had a migraine that lasted another four. Please find further research to this below…


Blue light penetrates very deep into your eyes causing eye strain. Blue Light Exposed explains that: “Most of us spend the majority of our waking hours staring at digital screen, whether it’s the computer at work, our personal cell phone, playing a video game, or just relaxing and watching TV. Digital eyestrain is a new term used to describe the conditions resulting from the use of today’s popular electronic gadgets.

Blue light and migraines : “Fluorescents, LEDs, TVs, computers, smart phones, and other electronics that emit blue light disrupt our sleep patterns at night. Additionally, these devices do not provide a constant source of light. They are actually flickering. This flickering from artificial lights has been reported to trigger migraines and is well known for causing eye strain and headaches. The combination of eye strain, oxidative stress, and sleep disruptions make blue light dangerous for migraine sufferers.” (source)

Video : Video on Health Risks of Blue Light

Another article on blue light : Is Blue Light Bad For Your Health?

All of this research only took me 30 minutes.

“Excessive exposure” can differ from person to person but one thing Is clear in each article and supporting sources is that blue light will have an extremely negative effect on everyone either they notice it quikly like myself in 30 minutes or in a few hours it’s effecting them.

blue light and blue color on screen aren’t same things

i assume his gamma is normal same like mine, if you had problems seeing its else faulty display or wrong settings


Prove it.

If you can prove you point that the blue light hue coming from Conan is not the same as the blue light I’m referring too I’m sure funcom would like to know. I proved my case with highly credible sources and the fact I and many others had no health issues playing this game until this event.

Light is in it´s spectrum always blue, if it is blue. Meaning it´s blue light (in the lower ultraviolet blue scale) no matter what sorce.

But I never had a problem with physical conditios because of it, I just get tired of this event thing and whant it to stop, like now.

ok this is getting to be annoying. When this stupid event will end it say 6 of nov and we are in 7 of nov and we have this dark sh…on screen can some on tell me when this abomination will end ?
My eyes hut from this idiotic bluer and this cheep effects