Again slave rokur does not appear server oficial pvp 1985

This had already passed and at some point they had solved it. Well now again this error, rokur does not appear.
Server pvp official 1985

How did you know it is an error ?
Because you tryed to get him for some Days ?
That is no prove and maybe you have to be more patient, especially with alchemists.
Darmok the experimenter, Sranka Blacktooth and Sayd Secretkeeper are not easy catches either.

This picture was made 3min ago.

So i can not confirm there is something wrong with his spawn.

But as a little hint if you are not familiar with the Devkit to check some spawns.
Do the following.

  • Go into Singleplayer
  • Make yourself an Admin
  • Teleport to the place you wanna check the spawn.
  • Open Console by pressing INSERT
  • Use this admin command SetServerSetting NPCrespawnmultiplier 0.0000001
  • Now they spawn within seconds after you killed them with Shift+Delete

And there you go, after 20-25 T1-T3 NPCs Rokur the Alchemist appears in its full beauty as you can see at the pic with all the dead bodys.

So good luck and have fun to catch him in online mode.



Can confirm Sir Bowens observations as well. Spawn chances are low like chance like usual, but not bugged.


You play the official server 1985? This already happened on this server and now it happens again. Supposedly in the live test is fixed, but not in the official server 1985 pvp.

It is only fixed in the Testlive servers, which are hosting the current Testlive patch. Any other server hosts the live build of the game, in which this and all other changes included in that patch have not been deployed yet.
We estimate it should be available on all platforms in two to three weeks.

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As you can see above he spawns as intended.
I didnt play on Testlive, i play at the regular version of the game without mods.
Correct me if i am wrong, but i guess the server 1985 has the same Version as all other servers.

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ok thanks ignasis, I’ll wait for the patch then, in the volcano too, where an alchemist should come out, an npc comes out that says interprete and naked hehe

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On 1518 I am getting Sayd consistently either I am very lucky or his PH getting cleared regularly I usually gather stones around there tag the PH while I am running stone runs have gotten him 10 times in last 2 weeks.

This is on a PVE-C server also got Spinas and the other named archer and fighter in same area couple times each.

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Waaiiit a second. Since when are alchemists able to spawn there? :astonished:
I literally never saw any alchemist over there…

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That spot can spawn any type worker of north faction that mean also can spawn any type of T4 worker too but very low chance for T4.

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Sure, though t4 in general arent too rare there. Just never even had a regular alchemist, so I was surprised.

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Can also confirm Rokur is currently spawning in the Live version. Rolled on a new official server and he was the first named I caught. Surprised the hell out of me. I actually nabbed him in Asgarth.

Still waiting for Njorer though…

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asgarth and there are habitual places for get alchemist since last content patch :wink: i confirm that in asgarth also respawn :stuck_out_tongue:

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