Missing some npc Spawns


After spending a bit more than a week hunting some npcs, i jumped out in the single player with admin commands to check if they spawn. After spending hours with instant respawn, i still was unable to see them spawn and realized that sometimes it would have a 'blank' npc spawn... Heres a list of the missing ones that i found so far:
Rokur the Alchemist
Marn the Breaker
Mei the Blade
Waros the Breaker
Cristian the Blade (checked a lot of spots that it should spawn)
And all the volcano ones that were 100%, but should still appear once in a while.
And i apologize for my bad english, its not my main language and i dont have a lot of practice.


Sranka Blacktooth is missing too


Thanks for the report and listing the NPCs you found missing! This was noted down and reported to the appropriate developer to get looked into. :slight_smile:
Your English is really good, by the way!


this is also correct on servers 1160, 1312, 1313, 1331 eu. all missing t4 alchemists ect.


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