Age of carrying heavy treasures

Ok carrying heavy treasures, nice.
But what about the war? This is the age of war not the age of treasure, its ok if a treasure is part of a war…
In Conan as the opening of the game shows every day, we should be creating our empire and not carrying heavy treasures from one place to another, I was expecting an exciting update like the age of sorcery, I was a little disappointed as well as much of the player base.

Age of war should be before sorcery if they wanted to have a level like this, called update and not hotfix.

(The purges are better right)

We already have wars all the time in pvp or just visit sepermeru, we should fight as a king against other kings, when already at a level that our thralls could have improvements like feelings and respect for you, and that we as an exile who reached the maximum level and were really owners of our thralls had the objective of improving these feelings can put points from 0 to 100 whatever, in which the emotion changes according to the riches of the city, the space in which they are, such as houses; If they were in a space with many others nearby they would be more agitated and the emotion would go down, the jobs that the thralls have, we could impose economic debts on our thralls, thralls could kill each other if they were not emotionally satisfied and didnt respect you, and another thralls would report you that, and have other enemies like purges coming in armies to kidnap people, steal the treasures (as they should have come in this update) etc…etc, and not just small amounts and rounds. … as it has always been. (this given that we are max lvl and would already have some good materials for the base), in the end of the day it’s just an idea.

There are countless ways to make a war update in a game that is already war, but this looks more like a downgrade. . . in what game, movie, series or fantasy environment would there not be a repair for a legendary weapon … like it is a legendary weapon and there are many others, Unless it was the hardest weapon to get in the game i don’t see the point, obviously we will craft something from star metal or any other learnable weapon and only use these weapons to our thralls, when and if ,we find them because it makes no sense to keep them.

I always loved this game and I’m only disappointed because I had more expectations.

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Looking forward to the next 10 chapters

Have you watched the Age of War Trailer?

My understanding is that in Chapter 2 or 3 of the Age of War, the treasure hoards players have been building up will become targets for the invading Stygian Army, in Purge-like attacks.

Also, the Ruins of Al-Merayah are gone, and apparently this is where the Stygian Army will be setting up a Base. This base will be part of a new game mechanic, a Siege on an NPC Base.

Yes I saw the video, great idea, in game I still only walked with treasures in 20 to 30 minutes walks with a castle close to the obelisk… if not more

But did you see that some player bases disappeared and that legendary weapons have no repair?
Was it worth it, to go get heavy treasures and get a hotfix on the purges?

They have a spectacular idea of the game, I like Conan Exiles even with all the bugs, but I was expecting more at the beginning of this chapter after having an age of sorcery like we had…
Even so, I’m still looking forward to seeing the next ones.

I will agree that this first Chapter does not seem to offer as much as the first Chapter of Age of Sorcery did.

As I understand it, the losses player experienced was due to a programming oversight involving Nemedian Foundations. Disappointing to be sure, but not related to the Age of War per se.

Also, Legendary Weapons have been made more powerful, and the rationale behind them being irreparable was to make them feel more unique and valuable.

I am not sure if this was a success or not.

This useless plot of land where I used to catch thralls, what a move from Funcom :')

Sad because it’s true…
Also Age of Sorcery gave life to that place too

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