What to do in Age of Sorcery before Age of War? TIPS and TRICKS

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So as many as you know 22nd June brand new Age is coming to Conan Exiles and with that changes to the game. That’s arround 2,5 weeks of Age of Sorcery left. Question is WHAT TO DO BEFORE NEW Age of War UPDATE DROPS?

  • One of the biggest change is that in Age of War you won’t be able to rapair legendary tools, weapons and armour. So like @wak4863 recommended in his stream
    Age of War Public Beta Test | Conan Exiles 2023 #giveaways - YouTube
    repair all of your legendary items before 22nd June.
  • With new Age Khitani carts will be gone. So wak also recommend trading in all your Magi skulls because in new update you won’t be able to.

Many of you play on Age of War public beta on PC. Many of you watch Conan Exiles content creators on youtube how they showcase what’s coming to Conan in about 2,5 weeks from today.
PLEASE leave your TIPS and TRICKS what is your strategy before new update comes DOWN BELOW.

My personal strategy is:

  • kick the living hell out of Black Blood legendary tools and grind for resources using them till I can still repair them
  • farm silver and gold on servers before farming spots get crowded with players [especially on Exiled Lands map] wanting to pimp their tresuries
  • I quess you can ready network of transportory stones near places where treasury relics spawn in, after update good spots may be taken on servers and walking and carrying big Derekto cat must be pain in a**
    @KiahonfireOfficial made a video about treasury in bigger detail you can scope details and most of treasury relics spawn locations in here:
    All YOU Need To Know About The TREASURE System | Conan Exiles | Age Of War - YouTube

Adapt and overcome will be for me and use mods for anything I dislike.


Good for you, but I’m on console which means vanilla Conan Exiles only.

I have 3 more levels on the battle pass to finish :open_mouth:

Agree with the stock up. Be glad that the wagons are gone.

I’m hoping the super soft warm and fuzzy Conan that is on test PVE right now isn’t what is coming to live.

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I’m not ditching completly legendaries. They will be useful on thralls in Age of War which matches my playstyle - bearer and authority build where all the fighting are doing 2 thralls following me. I only step in when they get in trouble. I quess I can keep a legendary weapon in my inventory for this specific situation. It may occur more often as thrall HP is getting nerfed again.
I allmost forgot:

  • get yourself Dalinsia Snowhunter Siptah from Khitani traders as she is Exiled Lands only thrall [maybe in the name because I saw Dalinsia Accursed in Purge on Siptah but damn that Accursed Purge wreked havoc killing my thralls lol so knocking her out may be really hard]
  • if you are a collector then get yourself one or two of each fighter, archer and working thralls from Khitani traders on Siptah as far as I know you won’t be able to trade with ancient Obolous on Siptah anymore [Exiled Lands map still will have Mek-Kemosis spot with Khitani traders, Siptah as far as I know will no longer have Khitani traders anywhere ]
  • unfortunatley I traded in all of my magi skulls on multiplayer Siptah because I didn’t know that FunCrom will ditch suddently without warning my favorite Darkness Witch Hunt event, I only got 1 magi skull on my Single Player Siptah
  • I will still use Black Blood legendary tools in Age of War but only when harvesting top tier resources like gold and silver nods, star metal, blood crystsl or iker off Salamandras like animals [they drop they most when you use axe on them]

Not sure if existing legendary weapons will have their stats brought up to the new Age, or whether they remain as-is. We have precedents of existing items not receiving the nerfs new item drops suffered from, so the same may apply to buffs.

Stocking up on legendaries may still be a smart move, just in case. If they still suck (ie. they didn’t get buffed, only newly dropped ones will), dismantle to star metal.

Beyond that, building up your defenses before Season 2 begins can be started right away. Many of us will need to redesign their whole base to make room for the money bin.


I hope existing Black Blood legendary tools will keep their repairability in that case.
As a collector I’ll prolly keep 1 of each old legendary weapons for my Museum chest. Long long time ago in ancient Conan Exiles Age of Sorcerer there was these low damage /durability but repairable weapons.

As already mentioned above,

  1. Spend those skulls and ancient coins. Keep only the ones you want for decoration or momentos, no more than one stack.

  2. This is easiest to accomplish with item 1, stock up on plunder. Get your gold and silver stocks flush, while it’s easy. This extends to resources made with those materials, such as alchemical base.

  3. With the respec potions being moved to more easy access, don’t worry too much about stocking those, but do look into acquiring a very nice set of stamina gear, just to be ready to change into.

  4. The HP rebalance may be an issue for some thralls. If you are a slave driver, get any bosses or such taken care of now, before the HP nerf/Damage boost. If you don’t have access to test servers, you won’t have a feel for what they will be like and you don’t want to be locked out of content or lose your favourite property person.

  5. Speaking of lock out due to being too weak, enjoy your corruption builds while you can, but be ready to cleanse them off and ditch most, if not all, of your permanent corruption. The new stamina economy is not kind to those who embrace the dark.

Bonus suggestion, get used to Rolling Thrust.
Practice with it.
Retool all of your builds around having it and wearing light armour. Ranger Armour is great on Exiled Lands. Siptah, you are sort s-crewed.
This is how you will be fighting as matters stand.


Here’s my advice. Do nothing. In fact I even recommend starting over with Age of War.

The best way to learn the new combat system and item revamp is to start anew and fully immerse yourself into it. Right now your peers, as evidenced by this thread, are going left and right, up and down, and all over trying to figure out how to adapt old and outdated ways of playing the game to the new systems.

They are trying to make the old work with the new and are going to run into snags, frustrations, and expended efforts that won’t yield the best results. Those of us who have played with the new systems (in a serious manner, without touching the admin panel) on the Public Beta can attest to being able to learn the new systems and are able to adapt on the fly.

You don’t need to adapt to new metas when you make your own using the knowledge you get yourselves (as opposed to listening to some youtuber yammer on from the admin panel).

You don’t need to adapt your bases if you build them from the ground up with the new changes in mind.

Something to keep in mind. Just remember outside of a select few who have played the Public Beta, most of what has been said in this thread is simply theory and conjecture. Not real experience. You won’t get that from anyone other then yourselves. Not unless you want to wait a few months till after the changes go live. By then you will be behind.

Better to be proactive.


No need to dissrespect youtubers.I personally use Admin Panel in extreme cases only like when Grave Matter event wasn’t spawning in Single Player. I used it to spawn rewards based on how much I got from over 100 runs clearing out Grave Matter on official PVE server.
When I bought this game I played it for a month then I didn’t touch it for a year or two. I was stuck in early game pretty much on Noob River feeling lost and loosing interest in it. After this year or two I came back to Conan, on day 1st I checked youtube for Conan content and I’ve found @wak4863. This was just before economy update. And he mentioned about what to take advantage of in current version of the game before Testlive will go official.
Cooking fish in campfires was giving iker and fish traps were running passive without need to put damn bait in it. Wak advised console players to take advantage over it before changes will come. This ignited that grindy crafting survivalist spirit in me. I made so much iker and oil during few weeks I didn’t had to worry about these resources for over a year. Even today I still got tens of preservation boxes filled with cooked fish that I cooked over campfire making iker lol

I do love open world survival crafting games and watching wak and other content creators opened me up to this vast world of Conan Exiles. It really helped me bro.
I’m on console I can’t play Public Beta man. Doing prepping events before new updates, Chapters and now for new Age is part of my mindset, it got me deep into Conan, it made Conan Exiles my main survival crafting game dethroning my other favorite title - 7 Days to die.

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This is far from the worst advice.

When dealing with something that is a massive change, it is often best to start over rather than try to alter.
This one started over for the Age of Sorcery on all but one server.

/End targeted response.

On a more general level, this one strongly suggests playing around in single player to get the feel for the new stamina economy. It is, for many, far easier to learn by doing and experience, rather than the accounts others saw fit to share.

So, this one supposes the most solid advice for how to prepare is to have a single player game slot ready to use as your own private test bed to see what works and what doesn’t and how your own preferences match with the new update.
Liberally use the admin panel to spawn in your favourite gear and to find new favourites.
Turn off the admin panel for testing how bosses and foes work, as well as climbing, running, jumping and rolling.

Also, what is currently on the test servers may not be the final version that gets launched. There are possibly 11th hour changes in the works, and leave us not forget that the Age of Sorcery had a couple very quick patches after launch.
So be ready for a few weeks of possible chaos.
If you intend to hold your structures, refresh them right before the update

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No disrespect towards them is intended.

But in the course of brevity, they sometimes miss real experience and tend to jump to conclusions when making assessments. The platform they are on kind of pushes them to do that, and that is no fault of their own.

I would recommend playing with friends where possible just to get more eyes and hands on the matter. The disadvantage to playing by oneself is you only get one set of eyes. Its also a heck of a lot of fun to start over with some friends. If you’re going to learn some new stuff, might as well have the most fun doing it.


I updated today my strategy. I resumed Chapter II grind - I’m knocking out sorcerers and dragging them to Khitani carts. In arround 2h I’ve made over 500 coins and bunch of alchemical base and steelfire. It’s easier in Single Player as thralls respawn if you move away enuff and come back.
Southwatch Keep is my milking cow as 4 Sorcerers spawn in there.
On server grinding 500 coins may take 3h+. I’ll be running back and forward between Southwatch Keep and closeby “Wreckage of a Sea Girl” [on a beach, south-east from Southwatch Keep] where 2 Sorcerers spawn in.
On Exiled Lands best place to knock out Sorcers is Summoning Place and neary Darfari camps. You kill every Sorcerer in there except for 1 you drag into Khitani cart. Loops is big enuff that by the time you finish it Sorcerers will respawn.

So I purchased 100 Supply Crates from Khitanis which costed me 500 coins and this is what I got:

  • 29 750 Steel bars
  • 24 750 Iron bars
  • 23 500 Tar
  • 3 000 Hops seeds
  • 22 500 Highland berries seeds.
    Absolutley sick. I’m going to stock up on as much steel as I can manage to grind. Last chance to get loads of good supplies.

I also want to mention about Khitani fighters.This is more of a collectors thing. I allready knocked out bunch of female Khitani Exiles because of their asian like looks. With Age of War you won’t be able to find Khitanis on Siptah anywmore so if some1 want to own rare thralls - go for it. I was dragging loads of Khitani Exiles into wheels of pain to have at leat few of each hairstyle. And this was a bit of pain because you won’t see what current Khitani thrall got haircut till you put him in a wheel of pain.

Every thrall sold by Khitanis seems to have a chance to spawn in Exiled Lands except for

Purge only thrall. So he seems to be worthy of getting for your Exiled Lands for collecting purposes.
As for Isle of Siptah I’m personally getting all of them thralls sold by Khitanis. Having Exiled Lands thalls on Isle of Siptah is a cherry to put on a pie for collectors.

Actually, if you are on Exiles map, blood crystals still are viable. Esp single player. With a BB pick, momentum you can have 500-600 blood crystal in an hour, and then cash them in for over 300 obolus coins.

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I never tried it - grind for coins using blood crystal, that is. I quess I’ll leave it for Age of War. Thanks for reminding me of it.
I’m playing:

  • Exiled Lands Single Player
  • Exiled Lands official european PVE server
  • Isle of Siptah Single Player
  • Isle of Siptah official european PVE server
  • Isle of Siptah official european PVE-C server.
    Finalising and coordinating Age of Sorcery grind give me some hard times.

I’ll start from scratch. Otherwise I won’t immerse myself in the new mechanics.

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I have suggested to my friends and clan mates to be sure they log in June 21, and apply repair kits to every single thing with even 1 point of durability loss.

The rest, we can roll with :slight_smile:

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I came across the opinion of one of the gamers that now we need to farm more strong weapons that are going to be nerfed (from obsidian, dragonbone etc.). To have stock. But why? The characteristics of everything that is, will be recalculated, or am I not understanding something?

In the past, when a weapon or item’s stats have been changed in an update, existing versions of the object retained their old stats, and the changes applied only to newly created/found objects.

I don’t know whether that will apply to the upcoming weapon rebalance. It would be hard to do because existing weapons can already have different stats depending on e.g. the quality of the blacksmith who made it. So there’s a possibility that existing items will keep their existing stats.