Age of Conan PvP leaderboard top 10

As most will know, this is the time to get a toon on Fury to participate in the balanced organized world PvP.

Below you will find a screenshot of the current PvP leaderboard top 10. The season has just started, so make sure you are there to compete.

Everyone fights in PvP t1 gear and fights are balanced in such a way that the your win chance is about 50% (when you have arrived at the ranking where you belong based on your skill/contribution to winning a game).


Who cares about winning, show me the best K/D whores of the app!

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Sorting by class and looking at conqs would probably have the same effect.

Looking only at K/d can be a bit deceptive. Players who only played a couple games may have insain k/d due to luck in the teams they may have had.

I think the dt in rank 9 is doing a pretty good job with 48 kills and 4 deaths and still in the top 10

His name is very offensive.