Age of Conan PvP Matchmaking Web Application

Ah ok, I will have to do some extensive testing on that. I’d imagine the amount of damage from something like that would be pretty small. And you may actually be able to trace that back.

For instance,
Barb runs past a tos with infestation on them and it passes onto them. What would that look like on the barb’s parse? Would it be that the tos inflicted the infestation or would it say stranger? And if it were stranger couldn’t you find from the tos where the infestation came from?

It’s not only Intense Heat. Basically, every “AOE dots” might have that effect: essence detonation, pestilential blast, spitfire…

What about double tick on worms? 2 necros, 2 dots on the same timeline, both of them became strangers and one dot proced twice. So you’ll see 3 ticks from strangers at the same second.

Is position in timeline even consistent? 2 dots on same timeline, both became strangers, 1 dot was reapplied/removed somewhere, order changed?

Same dots can have different duration. Again, both became strangers, but one might be shorter.

Infestation comes from worms. And should have name of the worm caster in log. But yeah, it might happen, what you’ll get infestation from stranger if worms on that tos doing damage as stranger. And that could be the same for all spreading dots. Although I can’t find such precedent in my logs, but my data from pvp is not so big.

Some of those problems can be solved by looking in logs from different players. But not all of them. And the problem with synchronizing such data is real. For example, timing. Logs timed at the user’s local time. So you will have not only different hour, but also minutes and seconds. Yes, you kinda can convert all timing to relative values from the starting point or in some consistent point, but still… Quite a lot of stuff can get wrong with this.

Yes this will require a lot of testing but I do not think its impossible.

Indeed. Sounds like a lot of work, but would be great if you could pull it off

That is the plan :slight_smile:

What ever happened with this?

Sure seemed like a lot of work for a dead game…

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He’s still plugging away. Has a really cool solution in the works for ELO and stat tracking.

You can call it a dead game if you’d like. As long as there are players who are hyped up to play, the game isn’t dead.

All I’m going to say is that I’ve seen a lot of players from the PvE community come in here and call the work he’s doing out of love for the game impossible, useless, or just being outright disrespectful by calling the game dead. You don’t have to post in here. Here’s someone willing to spend their free time developing something, CONTENT, for the game, and the best you can say is:

“Dead game useless work”



App is back up and running in Fury, fresh 80s no AAs and T1 gear. Join up.

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