Requesting all dungeon and raid PVE Combat Logs

Hey there,

I am looking to gather as many pve dungeon and raid combat logs as possible. If you pve and are willing to send me the files please comment here or join this discord and contact me there.

I am attempting to gather information such as average clear time, mob names in the dungeon/raid, average mobs killed per clear, etc.


I have 11.1gb of logs (2909 files). None of them are labeled; do you want them anyways?

It varies from everything, dirty stuff, pvp stuff, pve stuff.

I would love to have them, if you have discord can you join the discord in the above thread and I’ll dm you for a link to the files?

I am identifying players as players if they use a class ability. However, some monsters use abilities with the same ability names as class abilities so I am hoping to get a full monster list for each instance so I can exclude those from being identified as players.

More combat logs will help me flesh out data for each instance.

it may help the detection that player names are a single word. but mobs can be as well.

Lads, you’re working too hard. Just go craft a few Maniacal Harms and mail them along with a white hand gem.

I was able to get the player parsing done. I am working on building on the monster list for each instance then onto the actual ui. Thank you to Fass! He provided me with a bunch of logs.

Small update: getting closer to a release. Here is a small sneak peak at the dps meter.

Nice, you have a nice eye for clear ui elements :slight_smile: will the mph meter be toggble on and off?

If thats the case it would be nice to include both total dmg (for the current encounter) + current dps also in the bottom element :slight_smile: might not make sense for pvp tho.

Looks spiffy. Can’t wait to hear all the smack-talk that thing generates :thinking:

Yes everything will be configurable and toggleable. Players will be able to use it at any time in game. I will be adding a start/pause/reset button to clear out the results. Additionally there will be a sub menu that will allow you to select who you are tracking damage from. When in the open world that list will be populated with anyone youve targeted. In pve the list will be your group/raid, in organized pvp the list will include your group and the enemy.

Users will be able to control the size of both elements as well as color/font sizes.

I will share what the actual pve elements look like soon. Ill include here what I sent to lurvi when he asked me about how encounters would be tracked.

As for pve the approach im going with is phases

So for instance in brc the first phase is initiated when any damage is dealt or taken from any of the starting mobs and the phase ends upon the first boss taking or receiving damage. Then the second phase starts whenever the boss takes damage, and the phase ends upon the boss dying.

The overall time for the encounter is those phases completion times added up.

The time between phases is not included.

So if the raid takes a moment after killing a boss and pulling the first add after the boss, that time wont hurt the overall run time.

I added all of the aoc items into the app along with tagging them with various tags (pvp t1,pve t6, raid finder, khitai, turan, khitai blue, etc). With that I am now able to create a pve hard mode which will be restricted by gear/slotted aa/buffs/runes/potions.

This hard mode will be restricted to khitai blue gear, no slotted aas(may need a couple for various encounters that will be handled case by case), no runes, no stat boosting potions, no blessings. Runs of hard mode will be tracked separately from normal runs and will have their own leaderboard.

All sounds good :slight_smile: so the idea is that these phases will add up to a total time, and that time is your contribution?

Im not saying its a bad idea but it would probably create this thing were you wait inbetween each phase for cooldowns like tome / soul of mitra and other longer cds to return. Is that intentional? Im not saying thats a bad thing but worth having in consideration that if might break the flow of things abit

One possible solution is to have an additional time bucket which is all the time between phases. That time will affect the overall run time but wouldnt hurt the phase times. Thoughts?

Sorry need to improve my readingskills u were pretty clear what u meant hehe. Yeah having it add ontop of the end-timer sounds like a good idea to me atleast, but would be nice to hear other takes

It could be either way. Whichever the community feels is the better one.

Could be two clear times too (phases only and phases+downtime). Then you could sort the leaderboard by either value

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I guess keeping it as streamlined as possible is best, with lesser lists to compete on.

Ps, edited my precious comment

Thinking about it a little bit, it might be a good thing to allow short breaks inbetween the phases. For lesser expeienced groups to get a breather and go trough the strat abit for the next phase. Its a tough cookie. Lets see if some wise one come with feedback on that