Current Dungeon Damage

I’ve seen a few people complaining the last couple days that bosses are hitting too hard (implying, harder than they used to) so I’m gonna write down where they’re at, in case someone has historical data they can compare.

Reference tank stats: 23777 hp, 24559 protection (50.0%DR in stat screen)
Abilities used: Immutable and Pain Suppression, Ground Pound
Boss: 1st boss in various dungeons (I ran 3 different ones at E9, which took about 8 attempts to get the 3rd one, and they dealt identical damage so for the other difficulties I took whatever groupfinder gave me first)
“Max” = highest out of a sample of 15-60 unglanced hits, cause the max is what’d kill you.
“Adjusted” = actual hit damage before protection (= 2x damage taken) so you can calculate for other prot levels.
“vs. Previous/First” = ratios, I expected these to line up with change in boss hp but they’re actually increasing faster. (E10 bosses have 14* hp of E1 and evidently 19* damage)

Level  Max Adjusted vs. Previous vs. First   Min
E1    1288     2576     ---          ---     1142
E2    3198     6396     2.488        2.483   2848
E3    4251     8502     1.341        3.300   3855
E4    5299    10598     1.247        4.114   4810
E5    7221    14442     1.363        5.606   6557
E6    9271    18542     1.279        7.198   8352
E7   11624    23248     1.259        9.025  10555
E8   14210    28420     1.213       11.033  12696
E9   17401    34802     1.235       13.510  15835
E10  24271    48542     1.395       18.844  22083

I recorded minimums to make sure the range is plausible; range was 9.9 to 12.8% and kinda suggests to me a ±6% is the actual variance in damage. Consequently some of these may be up to 3% low but more likely no more than 1.5%.
It might be nice to have a reference level of hp+protection for each difficulty to adjust damage to see how it compares to actual player hp but for now at least the info’s here.
Of note is that I’m an IP1130 geared player and E10 is very close to one-shotting me (I’m at 94% allocation here, my actual max hp is 24700), at IP1000 you have ~22000 hp/prot and would be one-shotted. Mitigation completely not optional by this point.
I also recorded add damage where there were adds. E1 stands out here, with squad adds doing 27% damage of the boss and single adds doing 66%. E2-10 had squad adds do 21.5% and single adds 53% of the boss.

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I’ve been tanking dungeons (e9 mostly, some e10s) pretty much daily for months and nothing seems harder than they historically have in SWL.

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Otherwise, short answer: people who were complaining just didn’t notice they had no debilitate that one time?


Yeah it felt more like lack of debil or other helpers (eg. purging which I know hammer does in a dps build) than a real change but now I have the numbers written down to actually check.

These numbers look unchanged to me. One data point I made in a Reddit thread from over a year ago puts the Haugbui Jarl’s attack damage at 10,500 on Elite 4 difficulty:

Considering that, in Elite 4, the Haugbui Jarl, who has some of the highest sustained damage potential of all the Elite bosses, does roughly 10,500 damage per hit . . .

From my Discord chat archives, I noted on November 18, 2017 that Elite 9 damage is about 34,500 and Elite 10 damage is around 48,500.