Age of War Chapter 4 Public Beta Discussion Megathread

  • Not sure what exactly all of this has to do with an Age or War, from a thematic standpoint. But it does sound fun and interesting, and I look forward to giving it a try.

This sounds like another example of trying to fix what is not broken. Hopefully this will not prove cumbersome on the fly. I really hope to be proven wrong and that this will instead prove to be a big QoL addition.

  • does this encompass the Pet rework?

I am sooo glad this was one of the additions. Many members of the community, especially the PvP community had been requesting this for years now. It is great that it has been realised for them.

RE: Quality of Life Improvements

  • The $64,000 question: were there any changes to the horrible combat changes of Chapter 3 which we provided feedback on, and which no fewer than 87% of the community disdain??
  • did you finally fix the bug affecting the broken Thrall Pots & Pet Feed Boxes yet? Numerous members have been reporting it since the Age of Sorcery Ch2?
  • were there any changes the <1 minute respawn timer on NPC mobs at the fortress of Al Merayah? Because as far as QoL goes, it REALLY needs it.
  • please, PLEASE allow us to repair Legendaries once more. No one likes having to overcome the grind of RNGesus over, and over, and over again.