Age of War Chapter 4 Public Beta Discussion Megathread

Seemed old style to me but I’ve been playing enshrouded a lot more then Conan of late.

Once again I will be the guy pointing out the good stuff, like sort and stacks. This will make emptying my back pack so much faster.
{unless you are 60th level with stacks of full chests of materials}.

By the time I had everything sorted and set on my old game on test/beta, the beta would be over.


But the way it looks we have to wait 3 months for…
A ballista.
Some jump scares for night encounters; werejackles.
Change up to thrall commands; like thralls act on commands.
Enemy dazed state. Ok this is kinda fun, enemy sort of wobbling there for a few seconds before they drop. Well bleed out.
Siptah stuff. I’m neutral on Siptah, got it, didn’t like it, still needs dev support.

Rather have seen the bug fixes done incrementally as they were ready.

Will it get me active in Conan again? Not really. I am done with the public toilets, and singleplayer is just depressing.