Age of War Chapter 4 Public Beta Discussion Megathread

Apparently you skipped the “Went through the steps” part.

It does when they just heal back up to full hit points the minute you roll away. Every time I rolled out of reach to take a potion it ran back to spawn in and fully healed. I was getting no where with it. After half an hour of fighting it still had full HP and I was out of potions. Not sure how you managed it but I can’t kill something that heals faster then I can damage it.

I’d say I can’t believe this half finished buggy crap goes live tomorrow, but it wouldn’t be funcom if it didn’t.

So, once again, the Beta code was so bad they released an update that fixed a couple of things but ignored a lot of other items.

The thing that got fixed? You can now give your mounts and pets inventory. The things that didn’t get fixed?

A Non Comprehensive List

  • Sync errors (Which touches almost every part of the game)
  • Spawning into foundations
  • Snapping back into combat when rolling
  • Thralls getting tentpegged in combat
  • Thralls AI SNAFU
  • Enemies getting stuck in the mesh and disappearing during combat
  • Fatalities triggering even when they are disabled on the server
  • Calling Multiple Purges crashes the server (this was after 8 or so purges in a row - Level 6 - 8)

Once again, the Beta was so bad I stopped playing.

The best things in Age of War are:

  1. The Swan Dive
  2. The thrall Inventory screen so you can review and set behavior

I’ll continue to play the game, but there is less and less joy in it for me with every SQUIRREL idea they insert.


No she hasn’t that is why I keep checking.

Thought I was safe for a biobreak. Thralls still wont fight the werehyena prowlers, so came back to a respawn. Ran back, she’s not there, not back in her spot. Going to try a relog, but I hope they have those night prowlers fixed before this goes live; or fix something so thralls will at least fight back.

fixed before it goes live

The mental image of Funcom performing fatalities on their own servers is amusing at least

I’m not seeing a mention about fixes to the building issues on PS. There’s no point to not being able to rotate the top one of stacked foundations in every direction, now they rotate only in two directions when stacked unless the top one is on contact with the terrain as well. It makes upgrading the buildings extremely difficult when you have to demolish and rebuild foundations from the very bottom.

And then the Aesir build set. From the very beginning it had issues and some were fixed LONG after the release. But it still has some bugs, like when you upgrade/replace a ceiling piece averything placed on top of it gets returned to inventory. And to think that you actually have to pay those amounts of money for something that works so poorly… Well, hopefully the issues are fixed in this update.

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:brazil: feedback Conan Exiles bug @Community @Funcom_Community

Quem viu esse BUG aqui com NPC de “Capuz modo Deus” ativado ???

(wrong thread)

Ahh, thank you for the back story explanation. It is appreciated.

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HOTFIX :man_dancing:

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