Age of War "Coffer" radius possible groundwork for land claim & building upkeep system?

Howdy Exiles! The purpose of this post is to share the thoughts that have been cooking over in my head over the last couple of days of playing the new Age of War Public Test Beta. I welcome all opinions and points of view on the subject, but please remain polite so this thread does not derail or get locked. Let’s work together to solve a much-discussed concern in the community :slightly_smiling_face:

Onto the post!

While placing the new “Treasure Coffer” item on Testlive (I’m still calling it that, can’t stop me) a noticeable yellow-glowing radius appears. This radius is to visually signal to the player the overall reach of the treasure room, and therefore the building pieces most likely to be hit/targeted for destruction by the incoming changes to the Purge.

Here, I built a 9x9 platform, but there is much room for overlap. Meaning, if my treasure room was 9x9, and I had other rooms or crafting stations outside this 9x9 room, those too could be destroyed as they fall within the glowing radius.

Likewise with the vertical radius, which stretches approximately 6 walls high.

Tystin, what does this have to do with a building upkeep system?

I’m glad you asked! Well, I see this coffer radius acting as the perfect “test” if you will for a potential land claim and building upkeep system. Many viable threads have made such suggestions in the past. I will use this one as an example for the moment, but please, if anyone has posted a similar thread link it in the comments.

Here, @erjoh suggests:

I suggest the framework for the radius used by the “Treasure Coffer” and also the “Accountant Tally” could be dual purposed into Base Management.

For example, like I’ve seen suggested in the past either a “Flag” or placeable that shows the land claim of the individual base. Just as someone can have a “Treasure Coffer” radius at each one of their bases if they wanted to, so could that Land Claim “Flag” allow for more than one base. (Mind, it does not have to be an actual flag, it could be anything small enough to not ruin the aesthetic of someone’s build; For example, a placable sheet of paper to put on a table that looks like a note would suffice.)

Now, the “Accountant Tally” framework would be great to implement a “Steward” (head of household or any title that indicates estate management). This “Steward” npc would display a screen much like the Accountant does, but instead, it would tally the total number of building materials within the “Land Claim” radius.

Imagine instead of wealth on this screen, we are told by our household manager how “large” our estate is, and therefore he calculates the cost of building materials we need to provide him to maintain the building. Ex; how many iron reinforcements, or brick based on which building tier pieces you have. Therefore, if a person is only using sandstone, the costs would be in that building material range - stone, wood, twine, etc.

Vice versa if a base was made of all high tier pieces. The costs would be equilevant - Hard brick, Shaped wood, Steel Reins…

For a building that uses a mixture of pieces (I build this way) the costs would a wide range of materials needed to collect.

We already know that the Clan Roster displays a grand total of all clan/player-owned building pieces on a server so that calculation is built in. We are simply limiting the calculations to individual radii.

Now, that all said, I do see one failure in my thought process and that is regarding teleportation outposts and community maprooms. So I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions to deal with this flaw. Cheers, Exiles.

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Good post.

Maybe have one of the new Clan Banners be the piece to set claim radius?

As for community buildings on pve, if they are truly community, then community should pitch in to the player who built it to upkeep.

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I honestly do not see much of an issue with that. Those who use those communty buildings and pvers in general would likely be happy to pitch in to maintain quality map transportation. Good call, Cane.

This would build a better sense of commuinty in general as well.

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This special radius thing is not new, it is pretty much a repurposing of the Battle Standard.

No, Conan does not need upkeep. It wasn’t a good idea the last forty times someone came up with it, and it isn’t any better now.

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Well you know I love it. As far as community goes, make the chest unable to lock and accessed by every one. Anyone can put the supplies in the chest. It’s up to you to lock it up with walls and doors if you want.

As for satellite etc…I would keep it the same. The chest is needed. The only thing I would change is the seneschal (I believe this title works better for what you are describing) is only at one spot in proximity of your treasure room. Other chests can be made for satellites but you have one main one and that is your treasure room one. If someone destroys this, all your spots across the map has 24 hour decay. The Achilles heel/head of the snake of a clan.

Correct, as I am familiar with the Battle Standards. I still use them to quick teleport from time to time. What is new the radius combined with an ability to take tallied information of items in its range as well as act as a beacon or target for purges later down the road.

Good to know.

I did ponder that but since the game has seneschal titled npcs in game currently, I wanted to avoid confusion for the sake of post


Oh yeah. Good point. Steward it is then.

Not that my chosen word must be it or else, I’m sure there are various titles that describe the same job. Just trying to get the overall point accross as clear as possible.

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