Age of War , public beta bugs

platform PC , steam open beta client

I’ve found so far -
1)mark on the shield changes to the default hand when game first loaded (colors remain) - the solution is to take the shield off and put it on back
2) I have died at least 2 times while I still had HP , the first time was at 28 , I just considered it a bug caused by a combination of lag and a bug
today I “died” with 115 HP, that’s not lag anymore
3) tier 4 thralls from noob river can’t be captured with a basic wooden truncheon - they are low on HP (75) and their lives are dropping much faster than their stuns are increasing


This one might be a new “feature” and not a bug. To capture these T4s without killing would require a higher grade blunt weapon with the advanced blunt fitting and maybe some points in authority or concussive damage gear.

Truncheons shouldn’t be putting out that much damage to begin with. They should be high on concussive power, but low on hp damage. These weapon types should be adjusted in accordance with the new HP settings for all NPCs.


so high level gear and appropriate upgrades…to capture a “basic” thrall from noob river

up to lvl 30 you have only basic thruncheon, with better you’ll go for at least cannibal but more likely black hand or dogs of the desert and you don’t care about noob river anymore

It’s not a feature, it’s a bug.


You couldn’t really do that with a wooden one and no concussion gear / consumables even up to now in Age of Sorcery


as I wrote above , you have nothing but base until lvl 26/30 …so newbies can forget about t4 thrall… what I watched and tried so nothing but t4 makes sense even t3 black hand died almost instantly when he ran into another t3 NPC

But even a “regular” Thurga can take something … he starts with an epic 400 HP and now at lvl 10 he has 1200

I’m really worried how much HP my normal thralls will have when AoW goes live …

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Yea ofc, I’m not saying it’s not an issue or at the very least “very weird”, just saying that even before the HP nerfs they were so out of line that you needed special gear and builds to capture those :stuck_out_tongue: and couldn’t just walk up to them at low level with a wooden stick.

Definitely doesn’t make much sense :man_shrugging: same as their skull HP bar didn’t…


That is how things are in the live version and not new for Age of War. Been that way for a while. If you don’t put points into authority, use gear to increase concussive damage and eat food for it as well when you use a basic wooden truncheon you are going to kill those noob river T4’s.

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Wtf wants them anyway? :rofl:
I didn’t even know a truncheon could kill them without that being a bug.
So the logic here is that we need to learn how to hit them softly, is it? :smile:
This is so funny!


From the same designers who made Blunt Arrows :rofl:

and so now newbies player now need to go mound of the dead or volcano to catch their thralls when level 15 ? and full geared level 60 players need to go to catch their thrall at newbies river ? may be a litttle problem, no :slight_smile: ?

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Typical Funcom logic.

The same logic where you need STEEL to craft an IRON truncheon.

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so update , every clan emblem after loading the game is replaced by the default hand emblem …on shields and flags

so every time I start the game I have to change and then undo the changes if I want the clan emblem as I had before

also it would be nice if you put some message of the day like “this is not a building simulator” or at least “don’t block bosses with pointless t1 porch” because then I hardly farm legendary weapons for testing - which is the only reason why otherwise I waste time on test server where there is x1 farm rate and after a week I hardly got anywhere … I would expect that if it is a lot about end game changes that progress will be faster and not that most players on test server will still be in noob area

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Test Server PVE official, i tried a wooden truncheon on a T1 thrall by deathwisper ruins, and was able to knock it out with no worry of killing it, 0 str, 0 auth build.

T1 is not a problem, even by the river
Same as t2/3
The problem is only with t4 near river which has little hp but needs a lot of hits with the base mace so it dies before you knock it out

I’ve always ended up killing T4s with the T1 truncheon. With out the blunted weapons fitting.

Dohhh!!! That makes sense now. Sucks. Been a while since i hinted T4s on live. Usualky i just buy all my thralls, then go get Beri up north.

My current slave factory only consists exiles and cannibals for example.

To the OP: be happy that the concussive damage was put into authory at least, and did not remain in strength! :rofl:

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