Age old bugs...just when will they be fixed?

1.Map icons cannot be removed on PC without controller

2.Repile Epic armor value mixed up (chest piece 28 armor and gloves 80 etc)

Just when will the Dev team address to these issues? The earilest map icon bug report dates back to a year ago

There’s an incoming ‘Quality of Life’ patch that should hopefully address these kinds of issues.

Biggest priority for the devs has been the crashes, because it prevents customers from playing at all. After fixing crashes, then they address less impactful issues.

They have a good awareness of all the bugs that people have been reporting. They always do a ‘triage’ and go after the most severe bugs first. So it’s just a matter of time until they can process these kinds of bugs.

ohh that sounds nice!

any ETA?

No, I’m unsure whether it’ll hit TestLive before it gets pushed out. I’d estimate within the next 2 weeks.

With as busy as they were during the last month of early access pumping out constant fixes, I am extremely surprised at how slow they have been to address such a vast amount of bugs that were well known since the testlive combat patch. Wells still drying up after server restarts (mine is the only one on the server that works), fish traps stop working after a day, items still disappearing off of foundations that were upgraded and many many more.

It would be nice to at least hear from the dev team on the forums (not twitter or reddit, but here) that they ‘acknowledge’ these bugs, and are working on a way to fix them. Since the server ‘Capocalypse’ where they pulled conflict, added more servers, added back conflict servers, mislabeled servers and finally added even more, they have been awkwardly silent. It was claimed that this was just the beginning and they would not abandon the title, and many of us just want acknowledgement (publicly) that they are doing more than just maintenance.

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