17 days til go live but so many bugs still, are you serious?

After the changes to loot rules there was a CTD bug when looting a bag/chest etc. It still exists. Latest bug is when trying to use items in the hot bar, and going from combat mode to non-combat mode, it still exists. I stopped playing after 3000 hours but have been slowly getting back in, and I love what you’ve done with combat and other changes, I just don’t see these major bugs getting fixed by the 8th. Some new bugs since the patch also, its hard to use the pick on resources, I have to keep hitting air even though I am right over the resource and bent over until my back aches. I reset my keybinds and everything worked fine for 2 days, but now my hot bars items wont activate. Tried resetting again…nothing. Yesterday I created the upgraded armor station and couldn’t make patch kits, had to create another regular armor station to do it. Just so many major issues I cant believe we only have 17 days to go.

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I agree. over 300h here. Loving the new changes, and gonna keep playing the game for sure.

But today I also had this new bug of hotbar items not being usable, after my first crash ever, exactly when I died at a boss XD.

Restarting, rearranging items etc didnt fix it. Changed key binds, started going mad using all keys etc. It got fixed but I tried so many things I dont know what fixed it xD.

Also I have the bug of structures disappearing once placed, when they are close to the “this terrain is claimed area”. After that area, there is still an invisible area that allows you to build, but items dont even appear, and get consumed.

Also the pickaxe thing were I have issues farming.

I can live with it, because I know they fix the bugs, but create others after that.

But you know, game is gonna release soon, I’d like to get some people on board, as well as having dlc and patch support, and with all this bugs on release, they are gonna kill the game, or at least decrease its popularity by a lot.

Also there is the PvE problem of tamed thralls attacking people, and being able to be killed by people, rendering the pve loop, as they call it, really broken now with Purge. It could be soo cool to have bases with archers etc on towers, like you do in pvp… but here it makes no sense.

I cant wait for new biomes, but they are mad to release em without testlive testing before.

I’d rather have the game delayed, which they wont, than seeing it released much more polished and content rich than on release, but still too much buggy to be praised as a polished-and-released game.

Then play on the Testlive build. They have all ready stated that there will be more updates to Testlive to play test the fixes as they finalize the builds.

There will be major bugs on release.
They will keep fixing these bugs.

Nothing the upper management of Funcom, or us, say is going to change that.

And this isn’t going to be the last time this happens.

You see, bugs are like tar. It’s a by-product of coding. In order to remove the tar, you must stop curing leather.

Tar is used to make steelfire, just like bugs are used to make more robust code.