[AGENT] Concealment

been a while since I last played.
ok , here is the question
Why is Concealment so useless in ToTW ?
my concealment is MAX, and mobs almost half my level, and grey, can still see me ?!?!
I can do missions, no Problem being concealed and able to use Aim Shot, but in ToTW, never get the chance to use Aim Shot. Basically Aim Shot is all the Agent has
only reason I go back to ToTW is to have the Shadowfade armor (use it for social , it’s really not the great)

I dont use it to much. But I need to hide H before any mobs see me first.

that’s what I do as well, I see on the minimap, there is a mob around the corner, or on the other side of the door, I go “Sneak”, go around corner or through door, use ‘AimShot’, :astonished: wait I can’t they see me. And They’re GRAY :face_with_diagonal_mouth: , I could understand if they were Orange or deep dark red to me, but grey?
So Far it’s just in ToTW this is a problem , in missions or open world , none, heck . . feel like I can run up behind the mob tap their shoulder then go in Concealment, and can still use AS

My guess the mobs in ToTW have a very very high Perception , and beyond MAX (feels that way)

I don’t think I went to ToTW in the past, not as an Agent, and I was one that Enjoyed SL more the RK, so probably spent 99.5% of my time playing in SL. But now I’m playing as a FROOB, so don’t have that choose anymore (ok going off subject)

how can I check what the stats are on ToTW mobs, like perception ?

ETA: for the time leveling I went to just doing missions. No worries of spawning mobs, or a Trains, And I can USE AimShot :discopug:

I found a 2005 post that claims.
“Mob level =<200: The concealment you need is 5x (mob ql).”

On my adventurer I would use “Cloaking Device” and implants to sneak through Missions when the “Pronouncement of Greatness” was not enough.

I remember Boss mobs were always able to see me, but I assume your issue is with regular mobs in ToTW.

it is, but still that was “good to know” Information :+1:t2:

How would someone , look up a certain NPC’s stats ? like perception in this case

Short answer - you can’t.