Agent MoF charge back

True. I more than made back what I paid in a day of “missioning” as well, which is about right.

I just felt like an ■■■ because I didn’t read the price by the button I clicked; I’d just got used to clicking :slight_smile:

I’m totally on board with adding in an MoF sink when new features are added. Also I don’t think of it as an ‘exploit players for money’ thing.

I look at it as, the Agent system is a sidebar, it’s not that important, I have many things to spend my MoF on that directly benefit my character much more than a small bonus if/when I maybe get an agent to 50 someday.

Whether I am a paid player or a F2P, it remains true that other things give significantly higher relative value than blowing the entire days MoF budget to reset a single agent. Especially as your Fatigue system gives no clue as to whether or not he is now good for a week, or he will go down on the next mission.

Now, if I was presented with a 2400 MoF cost to reset an agent, which I could do twice a day and still have leftover MoF, I would probably do that every time an agent conked out. At 8-9k MoF however, I will never, ever spend that to reset an agent. There are simply better things to spend it on.

So one price level turns the Fatigue system into a true MoF sink, whereas setting it too high simply makes it a frustration factor in dealing with the Agent system.

(Edit: @TronQuixote below: I hear ya man :slight_smile: It’s rough having a developer tag on your own boards. Just so you know if I reply to you it is just the same as if I replied to another member on the boards, a point of discussion for general view. I don’t expect you to have any pull on issues discussed here.)


You cannot possibly be serious.

In excess of 8k MoF is most of day’s MoF regardless, given even Patrons only get 12k tops.

If you’d pause to look at it that way, maybe you’d understand why a lot of people might think it’s a bit excessive.

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Reread it. He doesn’t say patron players but paid players. Players that use there rl money like they use ingame currency. When they want something they buy it since most things are dirt cheap if you have a stable income and the interest.
Patrons are in the “otherwise” bunch.

So… Patrons are not paying?

Way to reinforce that EXPLOIT YOU FOR YOUR MONEY vibe.


Current values are too high. Agents reliably get incapacitated often (once every 3-4 missions). After the free revives ended, I had both of my agents incapacitated simultaneously on both days. I have 1.5 million MoF in the bank and I still prefer to ignore the system for 9 hours rather than revive one of them.

Maybe I have an unreasonable sense of value. Would I rather open a bunch of regional/dungeon/scenario chests or raise this agent 9 hours early so she can go back to grabbing me a bunch of green-blue xp distillates? I think a sink needs to compel the player to flush the money down willingly rather than reluctantly.

It would be really nice if the costs were dynamically adjusted depending on how many non-incapacitated agents you had available. Such that if you didn’t have enough non-incapacitated agents to utilize your available mission slots, it would be significantly cheaper to bring one back up. I feel like such an approach would keep reviving a luxury at the higher end (e.g. I want to power level this specific agent) while making it more accessible at the lower end (e.g. I want to keep using the system rather than be locked out for 9 hours).

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So, all three of my agents are on “Resting b-itch face” (i refuse to be censored)
with only 20k mofs at my disposal, daily - i’m going to just leave them there as i have much better things to spend the mofs on that are more rewarding for my char. Such as extra scenario chests to open which contain a lot more in their worth for a fraction of the cost. Even when the cost is lowered over time, i still say…"yeah no, i could get X amount of distills for that for my glyphs. The choice on what to spend it on is an easy one for me.

I can’t help feeling that the release of the Agent network has had a negative impact on the playerbase.
The initial burnout of grinding for Agents to use makes for a very tired population for one, only to have them incapacitated at any time without warning (and i really feel its random) has left a sour taste for some.

The result - Agartha is empty on a reset day.
I personally think that this should have came out after season 2 not before. People waited a long time for something new and what they got was basically a mini game of wait and see and an explanation of "but you can buy with aurum and its a mof sink"
By the time i have finished upgrading the Agents via missions i do not do myself, to a level where at least one of them becomes useful to me (25 for the first and i’m at 23 already and btw they are not a necessity to play the game or to do any of its content) i will have no use for sinking any aurum or mof into them coz i won’t be using them for missions anymore except the weekly run if i so choose, they will already be serving their purpose like an ornamental Augment.

With the Agent system already starting to put some players off the notion of - cost of mof/aurum sink Vs quality of what is received for spending it - is it not a good idea to rethink quickly how to turn that around before it does become too late? You’re supposed to be keeping players engaged, retention etc not making them want to play something else.
The more time you leave a player outside of SWL playing something else, the more likely they are not to return because they will have found something else that feels more rewarding for their time and will part with their money more readily.
If Funcom is not in the business of trying to keep current players satisfied with anything they release, then what is it they are trying to achieve? Why are we even here?

I’ll go back to waiting in the Q for a pop at a NYR. BTW there is one person in the social, something about casino pits lol

That little all caps line certainly will not feel innocuous when it comes to a discussion about people feeling the agent system is too much of an Aurum grab (cf. the drop rates of epic agents people report from boosters) and MoF grab (cf. incapacitation).

Particularly not given the context could be (mis)taken to imply the MoF grab is just to make sure the Aurum grab works as well as intended. Even though I’m inclined to think that the economy thing is actually about making sure that MoF remains scarce enough to keep Aurum exchange rates low enough it remains affordable for more ‘casual grinders’ - completely agnostic of if/how that affects the volume of Aurum on offer.

Honestly? That MoF cost for activating agents feels like it’s been set in complete isolation, without pausing to consider what 8.000 MoF are for a player that hasn’t been around since launch grinding away like no tomorrow.

In the context of what other things cost, its a pretty hefty price tag for something practically useless at least at T1.

Perhaps the cost should scale with agent level? If activating a level 2 agent costs peanuts, it certainly won’t feel excessive, and have little real benefit; maybe by level 50 and the top tier missions, over 8.000 MoF won’t feel excessive, either.