Agent MoF charge back

Just as a heads up (so someone doesn’t burn 8K MoF by accident like me just now) it appears that the MoF charge for rezzing agents is back in place. Won’t be doing that again.


I have just seen that too.
Incapacited agent after the first 1 hour mission of the day.

I poke andy about putting out an announcement so people don’t accidently burn a big pile of mofs.

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There’s a confirmation popup though that explicitely asks you if you want to pay that X amount of mof to remove the incapacitated effect when you first click on that, that happened to me yesterday when i forgot that the fee was back in place, and it prevented me from paying it. So there’s nothing to blame here.

I think it never hurts to make double sure. The ability of people to overlook stuff is amazing.
I once messed up and accidently deleted some regional essences despite notification (I was sleepy)…

To be sure :slight_smile: I wasn’t blaming anyone but myself. More of a PSA than anything else, so other people don’t do the stupid like I did…

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It’s a ridiculous amount of MoF’s for recovering an agent, especially when they are so, useless. They don’t do anything very “Special” unless they are in their higher levels.
What’s even more useless is the Agent doesn’t go incapacitated when he/she returns from a mission, he decides to do that once you’ve accepted what he returned with previously lol

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I had two agents go red, first one was around 9860 MoF and the second iirc 7800-ish. So basically your entire dailies MoF budget to recover one agent from one mission.

FunCom still has no notion how to set pricing/resource costs in any rational manner. I often want to pay for or acquire some resource in the game, then I look at FunCom’s cost requirement for it and go ‘naaah’.

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So, once you have more agents this is still annoying, but less of an issue - and I realize drop rates are very low, but people are starting to get them - the free-key weekend FC just gave us helped a lot. Also, as you get T2 missions you start getting bonus packs as rewards - which have a good chance (1/5?) to drop an agent.

I know complaints are inevitable, but in this case I think FC is doing alright - and thanks to the OP for the heads up that the MoF is back!

I haven’t seen “bonus pack” at T2 or T3. You just get gear pack (green and blue). An agent drop (one specific) is T4+. We’ve seen something called “Agent Vanity Reward Bag”. Don’t know what that is.

Elenoe, I’ll take that as a correction - thanks

I’ve seen about a 20% drop from bonus packs and thought the gear pack was the same thing (boy is my face red, I should have known better, but wasn’t paying attention) .

I suspect the intended design is that we just accept agent incapacitations and use the downtime to rotate in an alternate agent. Like how they’ve said that although you can pay aurum to expedite missions, the system is balanced around you not doing that.

Obviously that doesn’t help much when we’ve only got one or two agents to play with but from the high cost of reviving, that’s the impression I get.

The incapacitation has no reason to be except to sink MoF off the game (and to sell aurums afterwards).
Except hardcore players (or 5h+/day players) nobody have more than two agents. And to have downtimes with agents, two ways were more easyer:

  • more time on missions
  • more explanations on incapacitated system (your agent can’t exceed 8h of missions in a row. time between the effective end of mission and your click in the interface mission count as in mission)
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Since you devs probably have the data. Is the Agent carge for reseting even in use? Can’t imagine really anyone using it since it’s so high or only for small amounts of rest time but I would love some data on it.

that makes sense, thank for your answer.
(but that will not excuse the bad design of the incapacitor deamon)

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Thx for the quick answer even if it’S more case data. Never thought to look at it from the rl money side since I’m mainly/exclusively f2p. And 8k mof are a lot in that respect.


Can’t really point to any perfect point either but guts feeling I would probably have it in line with or below the value of items you could get in that time the cooldown still has.
8k cost for 8-9 hours more agent time is relative to the rewards of the agent missions. Sure some still do it any way but for the average player there is not much reason to use it ad an unused sink is troublesome I believe. That’s why I think data on the use could be interesting as it gives indication how efficent the sink is working in it’s current state.

Whales won’t be even mildly inconvenienced, it’s the regular players that you have managed to annoy once again. And since the whole game is based around EXPLOIT YOU FOR YOUR MONEY, funny that a dev just came out with that phrase.

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that’s ok. in fact there’s other perception thing we could talk about.
If we as players talk about improvments or seem kind of salty it’s not because we see it as DON’T EXPLOIT MY MONEY B*TCH (well may be some players are but let them in their a**es) nor because we have a personnal anger with you guys.

It’s cause we love the game and want it to go on the longer it may.

I think “exploit” is a loaded term but yeah, they’re not running a charity. Anyway, I’m too poor to be a whale and the cost for reviving hasn’t annoyed me.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaat :v: