Agility on thralls and weapons

The wiki says agility affects ranged damage. Does agility on thralls also work on agility weapons? Like daggers, claws or chakram?

I have a named bearer who badly wants to level agility.

Strength says all melee weapons.

Asking because he is level 10 and its either cooked fish to get him more agility or gruel to try and salvage him.


Yes, the agility stat affects all agility weapons. I tend to boost strength personally, including pets. Mainly for simplicity.


Thanks. I just had no idea what to give this dude. Of agility works on thralls than that is fine. Strength on him would be crap

You can stack the stat you want boosted. I had a T4 fighter with a higher agility stat than strength before leveling. Geared her with strength based armour and weapons and gave her gruel. Once she hit 20, I force fed her rebirth elixirs until she ran strength perks.

So if I did go all agility with him. Putting him in Dark Templar for example and feeding him fish, Claws and things would still do optimal damage?

He has the following growth chance.

50 str
100 agi
75 vit
60 grit

So I figured Serpentis Chakram or Outsider daggers.

I’ve got one level 20 agility focused T4 melee fighter. Armed with whirlwind blades and a full bejewelled set (both T4 crafted). Her max agility damage bonus is at 91%

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Just a side note, bearers, even named ones, have a hidden penalty to damage. No matter how good the stats, they are rarely going to be able to do much on the higher orders, especially in upper level zones.

Also, Thrall AI has difficulty with many weapons added later. They don’t seem to quite understand Shortswords or Katanas.

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Yea… like @LostBrythunian said above, if it’s a bearer… then it really doesn’t matter…

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Yep agility works for daggers. Only way to get thralls to do any damage, really. Bleed bleed bleed. My named bearer thrall started with insanely high agility, its hysterical watching her flip around with her pack


I can assure you, higher tier fighter thralls are more than capable of doing “real” damage next to which bleed becomes insignificant :slight_smile: But yes, if you’re using a bearer then it becomes a compromise of no damage but high HP and inventory space.


I am using Serpentes Chakram and he is doing well. I am maxed authority. I have not corrupted myself yet.

But he gets in there and does his job. He is not any worse than some of the zerkers I did not rebirth.

Its not not his damage but he is super aggressive. Like he read this post and is trying to prove me wrong.

Good ol Tycho

He is :slight_smile: He is a lot worse in fact. If you check out the spreadsheets I linked above… even the mightiest of named bearers would need ~450 STR or AGI to catch up with just the base damage multiplier of a Berserker, not counting any further strength / agi on the zerker :stuck_out_tongue: So I doubt you’d get those amounts regardless of the rebirth potions used.
Named bearers have a 0.3 multiplier… which means what it sounds like… their damage is multiplied by 0.3 so less than a third of what their base damage would be.

That’s not going to be obvious on official servers though where you only see healthbar numbers if you enable them, but you cannot see damage numbers.

Here’s an example of a very average berserker in non-epic heavy armor and a regular star metal mace soloing the entire bridge event on an authority build, without any interference from the player, you can see the damage numbers on the left, I doubt your bearer can do that to this degree :slight_smile:

hissss he brings the spreadsheets. he is a witch


I get ya. I do and I believe in your math. I have a zerker and him and he is tearing through things. We just did vaults at level 13 for him and he does not care. He is honey badger. I know he is not supposed to be good. But he is the most aggressive purse I have ever had.

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