Agility weapons and horse Combat

So when are we going to talk about the fact that bows are the only agility weapons you can use on horseback?

IMHO, move polearms to agility since you can make a case for either strength or agility on that.

If there was a balance of types of weapons in each, move claws to strength weapons because that makes more sense to represent the more feral combat style of claws.


To be fair, most of the agility weapons would not make sense anyways on horseback.

Weapons currently in game that you cannot use from horseback:

2-handed swords, mauls, and axes
Shields (This one I disagree with)

So overall I think it’s fine as to what weapons are limited, but having agility impact a vast range might be useful?

I think the bigger problem is the simple fact that there’s no kind of accuracy improvement anymore. How useful is a bow going to be from horseback if you can’t hit anything regardless of your stats?

A lot of people seem to think that the changes ruined archery also, you’re not alone. This thread has a video where it seems to be quite the opposite, and some of the perks do improve archery. So perhaps it won’t be as terrible as we fear?

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This. People are panicking because it’s not as overpowered at point blank range, but if you learn the shocking, world changing revelation that bows are actually meant for long distance instead, it’s quite strong.

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I just want agility build and am able to use that to hit someone on my glowing horse’s back. Right now it appears that I cannot :frowning: . I don’t know if this was the intention or a side effect of when they divvied up the weapons between the two camps. Just pointing it out there is a gap in terms of horseback agility melee combat.

Yeah, this whole thread is in regards to horses. The only options for agility and horses is a bow or a javelin and the movement penalty not getting any kind of spread reduction (from what I hope is an oversight) makes that entirely a non-starter now. On foot you can just stop for the split second it takes to fire a shot but expecting that to happen on a horse is just silly.

At least there’s still javelins for melee, I guess? (at least I assume as much and it wasn’t a side-effect of multigun’s mod all this time that I never noticed)

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archery is the strongest weapon on 3.0 LOL
i really don’t know what game you ppl are playing.

  • You can target lock with heavy attack now
  • you can kill people with 2 shots. (even a player in heavy armor and full vitality)
  • you kill a level 20 horse with few shots (from 6 to 10)
  • arrows are faster than before, they are like a rifle bullet now, so it’s easier to hit and harder to escape.

agility is the most powerful attribute in 3.0
If they move spear to agility, they can remove strenght from the game, because no one will use it.
spear is pratically the only weapon worth building a strenght build

bow is the stronger weapon in 3.0
dagger is still the same no-brainer weapon as now (especially dagon dagger, there’s no more slow resistance from perks anymore).
and spear is the best melee weapon, the only weapon that good pvpers can counter other players.

so if they change spear to agility, there will be no point to spend a single point in strenght.

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you know this thread isn’t about archery nerfs? but agility weapons in general and combat while ON a horse?

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Yeah. And I’m showing a point on why they can’t put the spear as agility weapon.
it’s because agility is already too strong

what does any of this have to do with mounted combat though?

this is the original post.
The only polearm on conan exiles is the spear.

And from a design point of view, I think the only weapon that could go from strength to agility would be the spear itself.
But in terms of balance, it would be horrible for the game.

-sad javelin noises-

ok. there’s the javelin, but i think it’s too short to be used as melee on horse, and throwing it would fit the same role as bow.

But ok, maybe javelin could fit, but i still think it’s too short

And javelin requires some love.

Derketo stamina pot should remove cripple on use.
Well, it does on live version, idk about test live and can’t test it at the moment.

As far as I’ve seen nothing about religion stuff has been changed (which kinda sucks because it’d be great if others were brought up to somewhere near the accessibility of Zath.)

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