The Sapphire Shores [PvE - Vanilla - No Lag]

:herb: Direct Connect [Exiled Lands]:
:herb: Direct Connect [Isle of Siptah]:
:herb: Discord Server:
:herb: Battle Metrics: The Sapphire Shores Battle Metrics

The Sapphire Shores, a PvE server created with the intent to offer safe harbour to any Exiles who have ever suffered at the hands of toxic players or met with the uncertainty of moderation in Official servers.

We endeavor to provide a relaxing and peaceful environment for PvE players with an active community of helpful and kind people. As we have watched longstanding Official communities be torn apart by toxic players, griefing clans, base deletions and official suspensions we look now to offer these shores of respite to any who love the game for what it is at it’s core.

With that, we thank you for reading our introduction to The Sapphire Shores and we hope you will consider joining us!

:herb: Hakeem of The Sapphire Shores :herb:


:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Server Information


:small_blue_diamond: PvE Server

:small_blue_diamond: 50 Player Slots

:small_blue_diamond: No Mods or Wipes

:small_blue_diamond: Customized Discord

:small_blue_diamond: No Arbitrary Banning

:small_blue_diamond: North American Server

:small_blue_diamond: Increased Purge Difficulty

:small_blue_diamond: Player Count: 11/50 (08/05)

:small_blue_diamond: 1x Harvest and Gather Rate

:small_blue_diamond: No Admin Abuse or Spawning

:small_blue_diamond: Exiled Lands + Siptah Server Cluster


:sunny:: Server Rules


Ω Behavior

:small_orange_diamond: No Real World Political or Religious Discourse

:small_orange_diamond: No Strong Toxic Language (Racism, Homophobia, Etc)

:small_orange_diamond: No Dragging Mobs to Kill Thralls, or Harassing Players in their Base

Ω Building

:small_orange_diamond: No Foundation Web Spamming

:small_orange_diamond: Outposts and Wheel Bases are Okay

:small_orange_diamond: No Mega Land Claim Projects (Roads)

:small_orange_diamond: No Walling or Griefing Someone’s Build

:small_orange_diamond: No Despawning Resource or NPC Nodes

:small_orange_diamond: Try to Build Outside Render Range of Others

Ω Exploits

:small_orange_diamond: Don’t do them. Simple Enough.



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Focusing on the Exiled server for now, until the community builds up a bit then will have a presence on our Siptah one also.


:herb: Hakeem of The Sapphire Shores :herb:


Hi guys!

I’m Wraith and I oversee the server-side configuration and hosting environment for Sapphire Shores. In the past, myself and Hakeem hosted the largest unofficial Conan Exiles server in the world, ranking top of the leader boards and server lists in concurrent players.

But that was in another age…

Today we’re launching The Sapphire Shores as a way to enjoy the game at a more relaxed pace. One where you can take your time building up and enjoying the incredible world and experiences that Conan Exiles can offer - to newer players and veterans alike.

Now that the introductions are complete, there’s a few things on a technical level that differentiate our server from many of the other PvE servers you see today. In the real world I’m a systems engineer in the IT sector. Both the hardware and the network that the servers are hosted on are exceptional.

1: Our tick rates are vastly improved. This represents how many calculations or “updates” the server makes per second. In some games, this is referenced by Hz. By default this value is 30, but we’re sitting at a nice round 60. We could easily double this, but felt that the gains tapered off around this level. It’s much more responsive than the defaults in terms of AI combat and pathing.

2: Partially related to the increase tick rate and faster hardware speeds for storage/etc, the NPCs in our world are a force to be reckoned with. No longer can you sprint gleefully through an entire encampment of angry cannibals, without fear of being eaten. You will need to be as reactive as they are to fight or flee, and their combat animations look far more realistic and smooth! You also will not dodge an attack just to lag back into it with half your health missing!

3: Server side data transfer rates have been tweaked to allow more outbound bandwidth from the server to the client. The servers have their own dedicated 1Gb connection up/down (not to be confused with the shared connections most server hosts are using). What this means in practice is that larger structure and terrain will load in much faster. You won’t see things pop into existence and slowly fill in chunks at a time here.

4: We have both a Exiles Lands and Siptah server under The Sapphire Shores name. In the near future (once I get caught up on the changes that have been made with the APIs) the plan is to link these together in an isolate cluster, so that you can transfer freely between the two. We do not plan to have any cooldowns for this, and I believe we can make it much cleaner than the Funcom transfer solution.

5: We have a very well-designed Discord, with friendly players and staff. We’re still small but we hope to grow to a moderate level. We love meeting new people, and our primary focus with this server is to provide a quality place to kick back after a day of work and relax with friends, family, and the community.

If anyone has any questions about anything I’ve talked about (server hardware specs, network setup, configurations, etc) please don’t hesitate to ask. This goes for players curious about our server as well as other server admins who may need assistance or have questions.

Our Discord can be reached at :slight_smile: Thanks for anyone who stuck with my post this long, and I look forward to meeting you ingame!


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I started today as well here! Hope to see you in-game Makaila.
It’s a well run server. :slight_smile: it’s like official, without the drama. haha!


Hello, i found the servers through the steam discussion board, and joined to give it a try. So far everyone is nice and decent, and its just nice to have friendly people to talk to while im playing and mindlessly grind gathering, Lol =) i Highly Recommend!


:herb: Happy to have you both join us! The server is sitting at around 6-7 people total now on Day 2, hopefully a few more people will jump in and join the community!

I’ve also had someone ask why ‘No Mods’ and that is because with 3.0 around the corner we do not want to have anything inhibiting us when it comes to a smooth transition to the new version of the game.


:herb: Hakeem of The Sapphire Shores :herb:


:herb: We’ve welcomed a few more players to the server and a few clans have popped up.

So good news, the server is not dead after 2 days but rather growing steadily, a small victory! We’re up to about 10 players now total. As we do not rely on Mods there should be no concern about the server going down permanently or not being up following updates. A peaceful and indefinite experience is the goal from now and going through all future ‘Ages’.

:herb: Hakeem of The Sapphire Shores :herb:

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So far everyone has been super nice and it’s fun playing with you.

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We have welcomed 4 new players today alone, and slowly growing.

Some of these players I met in the 1735 Official Server and they were amazing community members. Hopefully more of you will join in!

I have updated the main post with our Battle Metrics page for anyone who wishes to see how the server is progressing on Day 6.

The Sapphire Shores Battle Metrics

Also, here is a quick screen grab of current activity at 11:04 am Tuesday morning. Server is growing steadily!

:herb: Hakeem of The Sapphire Shores :herb:

We have now got a steady and constant group of players on The Sapphire Shores, building a solid community.

Currently sitting at 20 players right now, and averaging between 12-19 from morning to evening. So jump in now and claim your land before some other exile does first!

:herb: Hakeem of The Sapphire Shores :herb: