Initial experience is not good

Can’t drop items in my inventory. Perks won’t “take” in some cases. Performance is extremely unstable on a private G Portal server. I am shocked at how horrible the admin panel is without Pippi. I thought for sure you guys would have figured out that there’s a reason literally no PC player on private servers would even consider playing without Pippi and would have stepped up your game. I’m not very hopeful at this point… all of 10 minutes in.

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Maybe you are having a G Portal issue.

  • In Single Player, I can drop items in my inventory.
  • Perks have always “taken” so far (I’m up to level 41 now).
  • Performance has been fine (though for split second there are “pink” shapes as the graphics loads).
  • Playing without Pippi, that Admin panel has been working fine.

So, since G Portal and Single Player seem to be our only difference, and everything has worked fine in Single Player, maybe its G Portal that’s having issues? (hope that helps)


It could be. I’m deliberately testing it on a private server precisely because that’s how I and my community play. G Portal is what FC uses for private servers so figured it was best to test on that. Personally I use serverblend because it’s vastly superior to G Portal and I may stand up a test server there as well.

He is right about the perks, I don’t know if this is what he means but pretty much, when choosing between the new double perk options, you gotta click em a few times to respond.

This is not my experience though so it might be related to scaling and resolution. Funcom asked for more details to be able to identify the issue.

This is specifically for if a server is modded though, otherwise without Pippi everything is fine yes?

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My experience is on a private server that is not modded at all.

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