Movement. Having good movement is the best way to avoid getting hit. That’s why unwielding weapon was good because you could attack then unwield to keep momentum to avoid getting hit.


But the issue was that the animation was not keeping up with striking so it looked like players were scoring extra hits. We need some more defensive moves instead of merely dodging around and blocking with a shield and no simply walking or sprinting around don’t count here (staggering prevents this).

No it wasnt… animation canceling Sucked with script abusers and not only that it made pvp a huge spam of buttons instead of actual fighting. Rush hit with spear swap sword hit then spam spam spam


Yeah true. I prefer to strafe and move and allow an opening and conserve the stam. No unwielding needed

Idk this is a Agi melee game. Not mount and blade so like other similar combat games conan is like darksouls… there will not and i hope not. Be anything other than lock on and auto facing removed and movement to be a huge skill gap along with aim. And stam managment, positioning etc

I personally hate this. This happens all the time in video games where they make it easy-mode to run everyone up to the end game thus ignoring the early portion of games. You see it constantly with WoW or SWTOR where you just get a level 60/80/120 character straight away. In PvP I suppose the case can be made, but for the PvE crowd most seem to enjoy the gradual climb to 60 I’ve noticed.

I like to think that the real PvP starts when you join a new server and go out with stone daggers at level 5 in some grubby gear and take on the buffed up siptah transfer OP god of memes and somehow manage to bleed them to death.

Thank god we can hit through the God Bubbles now. Protecting against GODS should have been the /only/ purpose of well… God … Bubbles. lol

And the lock on working in the darkness definitely seems to negate the purpose of said darkness spell. PvP might benefit from removing lock on?

Thanks for reviewing it for all of us mooks who haven’t the time to get in and really test 3.0!

:herb: Hakeem of The Sapphire Shores :herb:


The issue I have with this is that the game is reduced to dodge counter countering Stamina bar addition, or put another way he who has the most stamina cap wins the if gear is similar. It makes the fighting turn stale and generic at times. I see what they are doing and agree with a lot of the style choice to a point.

But positioning will be largely if not almost completely governed by Stamina cap amount. Want to fight and run away go all in stamina build or half or more on every build to just win or wrap with no risk unlike others who have a not stamina cap max build who will need to win to the fight to die.

I hate to see it where their only choice to tweak combat come down to crippling everyone to play with anything , but high to higher stamina cap builds.

Maybe they could make it wear you can get a perk addon in some way to make shield blocking not use stamina at all to even out the stam cap or near to fight effectively. I mean high stamina cap should not be the only max effect build out there .

He who has the most dodges wins because of run heal ping, ping, dodge away run heal now on the surface seems fair but only if you don’t look a both sides of the issue (fight). What about the high power and/or high defense build ? There is no better defense than more dodges as no hits land (no damage) and if they do run and heal. High defense reponse? I ran out of pots , don’t even think of wraps (ping took care of those as you are doing them helplessly . Fight determined . Run and ping wins every single time.

Why if not clear? You can use pots and wraps and still stay in the fight if you want to or run if you want to with the stamina cap or near builds. The rest can’t. We need more defensive moves to keep this from happening.

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That is simply not true as i have 0 grit in alot of my fights and still win lol grit used to matter. Not so much anymore if managed properly and to your play style

The other one about stam cap being the onyl viable thing or what not is wrong too in alot of areas. I can pvp you and prove you wrong especially in 3.0

Erhm thats not right either. Yeah run. But that doesnt stop running attacks. Horse knocks. Arrow kills. And or even should i say it? Dagger spam kills. Running sounds good in theory but like it really doesnt work out well in the long run. Youre just wasting your time to die anyway, not to mention cripple and such to slow them down etc and archer thralls

Using your philosophy what stops me from just saying no… i wont do defensive moves and still run XDD that doesnt make sense man. Im sorry but its alot harder to run away from stuff than you think. Especially throwing axe cripple, horses and bows. Not to mention some spells now can make you slower with webs on floor. I think you’re just not understanding of the fundamental mechanics of pvp. How will you run if im blowing into your base as well? I mean come on now. There are ways to force the pvp

See here is the issue. Nothing im saying is meant for pve im talking pvp. Leveling is not spending 8 hours or a day to level to 60 to then go farm base mats and armor. We wanna hop right in and start going for armors and stuff. Cant do that or make bombs or even really PvP when someone has 30 levels on us.

No problem i also agree god bubbles should only stop gods… its stupid it stops arrows in my opinion now maybe make arrows hit less hard sure… but not at all nah thats not right.

Body vaulting needs fixed too. If youre not logged in when your character disappears he should die of starvation or something not simply disappear with all the loot.

The hard part about leveling is that those 60s wont let you get up… they will keep raiding you sooo its useless unless you zerg them and even then if you cant get a decent come up and breathing room since it took you soo long to level they already will wipe you. Pvp isnt fun if im PvE most or if not majority of it to get to pvp AFTER doing some MORE pve farming of matts

Now that people can have 4 zombies which are better in every way to a thrall. We are talking 10 man clan with 4 zeds each 40 zombies chasing you at level 25 you tell me when you wanna do that after an entire day of building up.

I just want lock on and auto facing attack OFF ON PVP SERVERS ASAP its such a way to cheese the skill gap its not even funny anymore. Its blatantly making pvp more or less… no skill. I hope the dev team sees this forum post :pray: especially my comment here. @Ignasi @Mayra @AndyB just making sure i tag a few to get that ball rolling and hope they monitor this chat for me and keep the toxic stuff away in case it comes my way. Since sometimes it does.

Also would love for them to add a skyrim like compass in middle to top of my screen please haha maybe a mini map for QoL changes


This one is looking forward to using the enemies’ teleporters to sneak in and steal their souls in jars. Possibly “liberate” their stock of sacrifices so they either have to farm fresh or sacrifice a follower they actually developed.
Help give Sorcery the implied bite.

Managing corruption is going to be a challenge. This one uses every sliver of their stamina bar… Yet borrowing the use of someone else’s transporter to beam up to their mother ship for a shopping trip and redecorating leaves one feeble and exhausted. With a special debuff that lingers for awhile to boot.

Getting this all sorted is going to take some time. Looking forward to it.

Prima Facie, this will, as others have noted, encourage clans to keep a pet mage or two on tap, but having a whole clan of d4-d6 hit dice seems far too risky. To say nothing of the severe case of asthma it inflicts upon one… Given how other changes are further emphasizing the girt- er, Grit measuring contest as a fundamental of dueling… Not a safe plan. Yet a clan cannot afford to not have counter measures against finger twiddling off the light switch or canceling one’s subscription to clear skies…

Looking forward to more practical application of a few paper kittens this one hopes will grow into tigers, or at least be as amusing as a tiger king.

Fun times, good to see the game getting shaken up a bit. Hopefully it doesn’t settle into a bland one true way meta for a span.


Corruption is not an issue at all.
You can learn and craft cleansing brews or just eat heart of a hero for instant corruption cleanse.

Ah, so the debuff from using the brundle pods is only to prevent rapidly using the bodyslide rather than giving one more stubborn corruption?

While one can cleanse corruption, this works against being able to use sorcery. Some spells, as this one understands, require a minimum corruption to even use. So the mage needs to stew in their own unwashed undies for awhile at least, no?
Edit: or sit there alternating between huffing powder of corruption or nomming corrupted flesh and then washing it out with nutrient rich turpentine or heart of the longest of pork?

They can use corrupting brew or just equip some corruption giving armor piece or a weapon, voidforge 1h sword or black feathers helmet for example.
This way a player will be able to pop a high corruption spell like Nergal bat fly and then use corruption cleanse to pvp or do some other stuff with full uncorrupted hp and stamina bars.


That is the exact type of silly this one finds hilarious.
Excellent point, gratitude.

Somewhere along the way this one had confused the corruption minimum for a permanent corruption minimum, but just jolted out of it. Thanks again.

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Honestly this just sounds like a hilarious situation to put to a Benny Hill theme song with a slightly sped up movie rendering…


Sounds funny yes… but annoying for player trying to play… yes… will i do it… absolutely

Nope, script was only used for 2nd hand weapons. Unwielding ur main weapon was not an issue.

You probably talk about unwielding 2n hand weapons. Unwielding main weapon didnt gave any higher dps. It lowered it instead, but still kept the momentum up so 1vX moments was more possible than now.

Combat is a tough thing to please everyone with though. I get what you’re saying, but also what @TheReaperOfChess of chess is saying and really it seems like just personal preferences that come from the sorts of games people are used to or enjoy. I’m not sure how you could have a medieval/fantasy combat system that didn’t weigh in favour of either gritty agility/stamina based fighting, or clever builds of gear and status effects to make you like a massive tank or a glass cannon or whatever you want to do.

Like, I’ve never played an MMO (until this one I guess), and my frame of reference for medieval fantasy PVP is souls games or things like Chivalry and Mordhau. They’re really different. Souls PVP is great and deep and all, but they have all sorts of craziness going on gear wise, and spells and stuff. There’s a lot of skill-based fun to be had but the community has to police itself a hell of a lot to achieve it.

Chiv is more simple and “realistic”. You can’t use magic or heal all the time, the weapons are all the same quality and everyone is basically just a human in various armours with slight variations in how much punishment they can take and how fast they are. So it all comes down to spacing and what people call “skill”, but the thing is it’s a mass battle and you die in seconds most of the time and there’s not a lot you can do to mitigate that (besides hide lol, or dedicate your whole life to becoming a sword saint).

They’re two really different things and I’ve yet to see a game that brings them together totally fairly. In skill-based games, everyone is pretty much the same (that’s the point) and it can get boring for many people. And in build-based games, trying to use sub-optimal gear and rely on skill is not going to work. Unless by “skill” you mean buff/healing management, build optimisation and gear selection. And then again, everyone ends up pretty much the same. Just with more wasted variety.

Conan is more like Souls I think. It has the potential for skill to matter but before you can even deploy it you need the right build and gear, hence why PVPers often want fast levelling. I know people always pop up and say they can kill a level 60 in full Siptah gear at low level with stone daggers. But I gotta say I’ve never done it, never seen it happen, never even seen a video of it.

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@SirDaveWolf the auto facing can be turned off in the gameplay settings and I know pvpers actually like to use the targeting for those brief moments when they switch to bow,throwing axe, throwing knife, jav, etc.

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