3.0 Launch server Vanilla PvP, Target Lock n Auto Face Disabled - Would You be interested to play on such server?

I could launch server on 3.0 release date with best overclocked machine, with best connection from provider i know (we used to have v-rising server on NA host - it was so good even EU players had like 20-40 ms ping)

100% vanilla
2h daily raid window
Target lock n Auto Face DISABLED
Scheduled wipes / or not - depending on feedback

Would You like to be interested to play on such server? Please like this thread to let me know.

Added Target lock Disable and Auto Face Disable


Auto facing?

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Yes, disabled too.

I may add some giveaway codes at launch but it seems there’s no interest unfortunatelly.

Thank You, ill keep my eyes open, who knows maybe it will get interest.

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You mean people want it gone for bows. Not a “lot of people” want it gone for any other reason.

That’s like putting words in someone’s mouth, i dislike it not only for too easy aim with bow - it takes out a lot of combat feeling - it simplifies it too much.

A lot of people actually want it for many reasons.

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Pikes? I mean I pvp’d them. I don’t see the issue here, but maybe on youtube. I think it is skill, so far.

That’s what it feels like, but I’m just thinking about crossplay.

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