[Agitated Shard] not dropping Talos of Gaia Lore #11

It seems that if you kill one of the Talos of Gaia hourly bosses and recieve the [Agitated Shard] from the [Genizah of …] reward container, you are not awarded the Talos of Gaia Lore #11, even if this is the first “angry” Shard you recieve. All the other “angry” Shards seem to award that lore automatically.

I got lucky and had a Destructive as my first, so I got the lore, but in a total of 60+ Talos kills, I got 1 Destructive and 2 Agitated Shards. Others have had even worse luck and are still hoping for a shard that isn’t Agitated.

According to the Patch Notes, they’re aware of this and it’s being looked into.

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I didn’t see it in the patch notes?

It was added ~5 minutes ago, probably crossposted.

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Well, what a waste of time, then! :smiley:

Thank you both!

Don’t see it like that. Without pointing such stuff out a lot of minor and not so minor bugs would slip past the devs attention! 'CommunityBugReportsAreImportant <3