Aja`s Bane on Siptah?

Hey guys I see Aja’s Bane where to find it on Conon exiles. Does isle of Siptah have a place to find it? Can’t find it anywhere.

Hi! Just as in Exiled Lands, it spawns randomly in epic treasure chests. I recently found two in the chests around the tower, so they are on the loot table at the current patch. But, one needs luck, as it’s rng based which weapons is in the chest.


Hi mate I was in a dungeon elder vault and opened a legendary chest there using a skeleton key. Got it then and have been loving it ever since!

Unfortunately it’s the luck of the draw.

tks guys. I am looking for it for my thrall. I saw Firespark81 test it and that weapon with a thrall with it is great.

Pray to RNGesus.

As far as best places to check legendary chests en mass, save your keys because just in front of the tower’s front door there are 5 or more chests lying on the ground or to the side of the entrance.

Well, if I may recommend a weapon: Morning Glory, a two-handed battle axe. What does it have in common with Aja’s Bane?

  • It sunders enemy armor, which is what makes Aja’s Bane so great.
  • It’s not crafted, but a drop. It can be found on the bosses in the ancient harbor area to the north east. I think it’s the south eastern one, but I may be wrong about that.
  • It is really great on thralls. It’s fire and forget, works against all enemies, deals tons of damage.

It is two-handed instead of one-handed. But thralls tend to misuse shields anyway, so that’s just a bonus due to the higher base damage, not a disadvantage.

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