Legendary 2 hands axe

We need a legendary 2 hands axe please. And forviden build boses spot.

Siptah has legendary two handed axes, and the rules now state that you are allowed to spawn block the Red Mother.

Thag’s axe (scythe) on the EL, @Fulas . Good luck. It has a low drop rate.

Nah, you can block World Bosses but not unique content, and afaik there is only one Red Mother on each map :notlikethis:

Edit: There is also only 1 Legendary Two-Handed Axe on Siptah, Morning Sun.
But you have Unique ones, although subpar:

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The Judge has Scythe of Thag in his loot table. I got two of them off him this month.

Totally forgot about that, thanks for the reminder!

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