Al-Merayah defender attacking my main base

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: Single-player
Region: EU
Mods?: No

Bug Description:

First of, I did contact Funcom’s Support about this but just wanted to ask a quick question about it.

So, I was near Al-Merayah doing some stuff which ended in me battling it’s defenders both outside and inside of the base. Eventually got killed, and when I ressurrected in my home base, it was full of those defenders. Got killed several time, lost all thralls, pets and mounts, a lot of armor sets and several legendary weapons.

So my question is:

“Is there some way for me to recover from these losses caused_by_these_misplaced_defenders, or do I have to just bite my lip and go on?”.

Because this loss is little too huge for me just to walk away from it, and I don’t think I have enough motivation to replace everything I lost in this mess. (Several of those thralls were “hard to find” T4s). And I do have some extra legendary weapons stashed, but those armors I lost, (especially that chilled godbreaker), are just too much for me grind solo.

Thank you.

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Yes! But you will have to hold your “self” because what i am about to tell you can destroy your whole experience. Many people learned this path couldn’t hold them self after and lost the magic. It’s called admin panel. I can send you photos of what to write down and how to find and retrieve everything back except the levels of your thrall of course, for this you need mods. But everything else, literally everything else can be retrieved from admin panel.
I would strongly suggest you once you finish with the thrall spawns, the legendary and the materials to log out and log back in without admin mode. Yet for the sake of feedback, can you explain where your main base exactly is? I wouldn’t like to build there and face similar issues.
If you need my help with photos how to use the admin panel tag me and i’ll do my best fellow exile.
Sorry for your loss.

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Unless this was changed/done away with or doesn’t work on consoles you can admin level a thrall with the command LevelFollowerUpTo 20 where 20 can be whatever level you like. They do have to be following you however.

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Thanks for reply.

I was afraid that I might have to use that aforementioned admin panel. I just don’t like using it, as I see it as cheating. (Not included if demonstrating something for a guide or somesuch). Even if it means solving problems like this.

But here’s the picture of the map you asked:

Still, the location where the base is shouldn’t mean anything with this issue. As I found out that there was another similar incident earlier and that base was located near New Asagarth.

Still, appreciate the help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t mind leveling those thralls, as that is relatively easy compared to finding them. Put losing 20+ thralls, pets, mounts and such because some bug is not something I like happening. Even more so since there was those T4 thralls and their equipment. But that Chilled Godbreaker is something I would really hate to try and replace. Even more so since my key to arena was lost in one of those deaths. So, go through the whole place before getting to the armor part. :slightly_frowning_face:

Found a solution to my problem from net. I’ll post it here if someone else needs it. Just don’t abuse it. :wink:

This is from page “Pingperfect”.

  1. Stop your server.

  2. In file manager go to ConanSandbox\Saved and rename game.db to gameold.db

  3. Find the backup file you want to restore (for example game_backup_10.db) and rename it to game.db

  4. Start the server.

And voilà, it works. Tested it myself. Thank Yog for automatic backups. :partying_face:

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You nailed it, thanks for the information fellow exile, i’ll make sure not to build there :laughing:. Have fun m8 :metal:.

Had that odd issue popup during single player except my little “base” was farther south along the shores of “noob river”.
Wasn’t just a defender … it was more like a retaliation ambush party waiting for me and as soon as I showed up, they came screaming at me.

But let me fill you in on some details just prior to that ambush.

The puzzling part is I passed by the Stygian Castle just a few minutes earlier to pick up an elephant calf and tiger cub. The closest I got to that joint was during my pass-over at the Weeping Ruins and no closer to avoid drawing any unwanted attention. The way I always did it before. There was no interaction with any defenders of the Stygian Castle. No combat.
By the time I came back through using my usual avoidance route through the Weeping Ruins, I got gang raped by at least 8 defenders who just had to go out of their way to chase me down and ruin my day, kill my hyena and make me lose my potential pets.

By the time I respawned at my bedroll, I was so pissed off that I went into God mode and admin teleported back to the Weeping Ruins just to take my anger out on those filth spawned bastards.
But I didn’t stop there.
I scrounged a hardened steel short-sword off one of the corpses and started going to town on them all around the castle. Then climbed the outer wall to get at them on the inside.
I kept on killing just to relieve my frustration till I had enough then leaped back out over a wall making my retreat.
Then satisfied, I admin teleported back to my humble little base on the river.
When I got there, that is when all hell broke loose.
I must have killed at least 12 of them who were hell bent on finishing me off, but I wasn’t about to let them have their day. I managed to save my pet Stag from being butchered by those wretches.

Once I was done, I took a mental note about the strange event to make sure I don’t do that again, then restarted the game and remade my character.
I’m going to pass this event on to my partner so that we may avoid this happening to us on our rented server.
At least not let it happen until we’re ready and decide to step on their precious toes by paying them a visit at their shithole.
Prior to this, earlier in the day as my partner and I were playing on our rented server: We did notice something odd and out of place as we went on our way back home along the upper river near the shithole. (We were on our way back from gathering black ice and ice for our storage boxes). However, we did engage in combat with several defenders who were murdering the elephants. Once we were satisfied, we went on our usual way. But then as we hit the river moving eastward, we saw a small group of defenders standing on the cliff’s edge just above us. They seemed to be stalking or following us. I shot the first one down and the others seemed to retreat. We weren’t ambushed at our base along the “noob river”.

So on that note:
A word of warning.
I know this isn’t the first report I’ve read about this happening.
I have an overwhelming suspicion that what has happened to me and to others might be intentionally programmed into the game now and
the worst part is, I don’t think we got the memo about it. Unless there was some
kind of mysterious hint with the word, “ambush”.

I have this dreadful feeling that it is not a bug.
If there is indeed AI being used in this game, we would be better prepared
to expect the unexpected.
Actions can and will have consequences.


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