Alchemists are all cooks

*Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug |
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [NA]

[All the alchemists are cooks]

Isn’t being a kook part of the alchemist job description? :upside_down_face:

Mods? Sounds like a mod issue to me

I caught 2 t4 alchemists yday, Khat the Cauldron Tender.

He is surely a Alchemist and not a Cook.

is caused by the mods. I had the same problem. It is caused by one of these modes. After removing the mod, you need to clean the server. otherwise the same error continues.

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Can you provide more detail on what the “clean the server” process is? I don’t have this issue above, but I do run mods and am curious about the process for any future issues I may encounter.

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Player achievements and level remain the same. Everything else is erased

oh my, that cleanup. I haven’t had to resort to that one since the days when the old bug of the Ice forge, end of game altar and volcano forge would break.

Thank you for the info there :slight_smile:

We dont have any of those mods

Emberlight ?

There are those who say it originated from the emberlight

After uninstalling these two mods, it was fixed for me too.

Deco and Placeables Mod

Has Alchs turned cooks and T1-3 Armourers can not make silk anymore.

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