Alchemy & Cooking in 2.1

So the crafting revamp make the higher tier Alchemists not really worth it anymore, as all they gain is a crafting speed bonus, unless I’ve missed something, and to the best of my testing there is now no difference between named and purge named alchemists.

Would it be possible to give Alchemists some kind of speciality, like the other crafting thralls. Maybe the following.
Healer - better healing potions
Poisoner - more effective poisons and antidotes
True Alchemist - increased steelfire/consolidant

I was under the impression that the crafting shift was to lessen list of recipes in benches but you have shifted the shadespiced recipes to the stoves, this makes them long lists once you have collected the recipe books. Is there any reason it couldn’t stay with the firebowl cauldron being as there is only 4 recipes in there now?

I’m loving the ideas behind this new patch and the fact you have given the vanity table, Is there any chance of getting armour stands so we can have proper armouries?

thanks for listening


Healer - Also better buffs (lasting longer or +5 bonus)

well maybe
healer = better heal pots
true Alchemist = better buff pots
split them up hence specialisation

hell witch doctor/necromancer could be a specialisation to give better odds with the random thrall crafting.

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