Aliens unreachable in Wall

City AI, Ground went regular, we get a Shipinvite and make it to the Bossroom.
First 2 Spawns went regular and then the $hit you see above happend.
Unreachable via Mongo or Shadowbreeds and since some [zensored] decided to remove /pet hunt that isnt a Option anymore…

Org: Stoned Angels Of Death

You owe everyone in the Team around 30k AIXP and one Admiral for Chance at Loot, fix that Crap A.S.A.P !
If this $hit keeps happenign you gonna loose paying Customers.

Bump, this has happened on normal server as well. First two waves were excentric and weren’t killiable. We managed to kill the first two waves bosses by getting a mate warped to the boss, but all others weren’t able to do anything, I couldn’t even heal my mate.