All Dead Thralls

Game mode: [ Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug |]
Region: [Here]

I play offline. After I placed the food dispenser and put the food in I closed the game. I restarted the game after an hour and found myself with all my dead fighting thrall fighters. inside the food distributor, the time was zero for all the thralls. Well done. Here’s how to get rid of the urge to keep playing.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Ouch, that sucks. My sympathies, that would be the worst case scenario bug for the thrall change. Hopefully, it will be rare.

I had the same problem. I “solved” that problem as follows: I deactivated the feature via server-settings in my singleplayer game. Eventually, you must give you the server-admin-rights before this step. Then I placed the pod (the more spread your thralls stand, the more pods you need, eventually; the pod has a specific range in which it feeds the thralls, according to the server-settings) and put a sufficient amount of food in the pod(s). Then I reactivated the feature and then it worked. I have got a lot of thralls, approx. around 50 fighters/dancers/archers or even more…

This resurrected your dead thralls?

No. Luckily (or more as it happens), I previously saved my last savegame before the update in the PSN-Cloud. I restored that savegame. If you don’t have such a savegame, it currently looks like your thralls are gone for good…

I restored that savegame several thimes before I got that “solution” worked. :wink:

Smart, good to be careful and create saves around update time with this game.

It is also a way to avoid that you loose your complete equipment when you die in a dungeon… That’s why I regularly back up the game in the PSN cloud. So it was more like coincidence.

I do the same, except on PC. I don’t trust the game to not do something horrible, it’s so buggy. I’ve only had to use a savegame to save the day once though (apart from when testing mods). I had gotten stuck on terrain in a difficult situation and couldn’t get back to my body easily after suiciding, I kept dying and losing all the great stuff I had on me… so I kept reloading it until I succeeded because I wasn’t going to let the game shaft me like that. I don’t mind dying & losing my stuff due to regular gameplay, I welcome it, but I’m not going to accept being screwed by bugs if I can help it. Though, this was not nearly as bad as losing all your thralls * shudders *.

Still, I feel safer just knowing I can always reload a save if the game screws me over. It’s easy to create backups of the save folder on PC.

Edited to add a link to a video (not me) explaining how to backup your save game on PC for anyone who doesn’t know…

Alternatively, you can give Mikey’s Toolbox a try.

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Offline solo player here as well on a PS4. After the update my thralls had over 6 days time of food left… Later after resartingthe game all thralls had zero time left. Over 30 combat thralls soon started exploding one by one until they were all dead. I built the thrall pot and filled it with over 250 grilled steaks. I then deployed one single combat thrall whose name showed up in the thrall feeding pot list. The steaks all started to disappear a 50 stack at a time until all were gone. The single thrall I deployed still had zero time left and soon died. As it stands now I can have no combat thrall support or even a dancer to clear corruption. I play solo so this is a major issue for me. Please patch this as soon as possible, thanks.


Same issue here. Offline and online player. Happened to me offline. When I first updated and played, everything was fine. I made a pot and filled it and everyone was well fed and happy. I open the game today and my dancer is lying dead on the floor. I check the pot and all the food is there but all thralls read zero on remaining food time. I had T4 fighters that were slowly dying so I manually fed them and it did nothing. They died in my arms…FIX THIS! a suggestion: remove thrall feeding. It was dumb to implement in the first place.

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I did as ViewtifulFlo said and shut the hunger system down via the server setttings. I turned it back on and it seemed to work as far as keeping the thralls alive, but the food consumption rate was off the charts! Also when the feeding system was enabled the thralls kept respawning coarse clothing, very annoying. With the hunger system shut down via server setting that issue was stopped as well. I plan on keeping the hunger system shut off because you have to ask yourself, is this adding any fun to the game? To me it’s not. On a brighter note I love the new arrow upgrades, very cool :slight_smile:

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I am satisfied at the moment if my thralls do not spontaneously explode anymore… :wink: But I also don’t see through this feature yet. Only the prefered food of the thralls are consumed from the pod. Any other food seems to only rot in it…

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I found that thralls will take the preferred food over any other if it’s in the pot. When the pot only has non-preferred food then they take from the first stack available top left.

You can test easily if your thralls are taking non-preferred food … have only non-preferred food in the pot … remove all or all but one food item from a thrall … return to thrall in a few minutes and check what has been put in his/her inventory from the pot.
I use this method with different food types in pots to see which thralls access which pot.

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