All light sources should require fuel

and shoot laser beams from their eyes when you perform a cat call

Lol. Rather because they dont want to see that mess. :joy:
That one was nasty though, dude.

Oh, but genders coming with penalties? Hehe.
Male toons should grow beards and get a -50% penalty on eating and its effects.
Might get free insects in their inventory though, along with one or two infections due to them biting those guys.

Why no helmet instead? How did that line go? The one with those small monsters from wow and their candles? But please let us dye the light by dying a certain part of said helmet. Radium gems are fun!


“You no take candle!”


Please, God, No. No-No-No. I would absolutely despise having to feed all my braziers, etc to keep them going. This is a form of micromanagement that I deem unacceptable. IMO, this would be far worse than the looming thrall/pet feeding system- which is only digestible for me due to the thrall pots and feeding troughs that will automatically disperse food to the thralls/pets within their radius.

Edit: I missed your sarcasm tag… lol, jokes on me! :wink:

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I want my thralls to bytch and argue with me: Dancers could sass and whine. Crafters could correct me and criticise. Fighters could gripe and sham on their duties… Let’s make this $hit real real!


Make it so you could get sick while fighting certain npcs, then your health would go down over time unless you use a specific medicine for days. Also make it so you have to only use bandage to regain health and it takes time for the wounds to heal, like half a day. Also, being bit by wolves should give an infection sometimes.

Tbh though, I think they should stick to fixing the bugs. XD

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