All light sources should require fuel

With the introduction of keeping thralls fed I think it’s only natural to extend this to light sources since that’s the only thing missing that doesn’t consume anything over time.
The torches we can wield have durability, so why shouldn’t the light sources we place follow the same pattern?

The lights should have slots for fuel just like any similar workbench:

  • Torches require coal.
  • Braziers and wall lanterns require oil.
  • Candles just burn out eventually and have to be replaced.
  • Fireplace will take any wood.
  • Witchfire and radium light sources will require witchfire powder and radium gems. These items should therefore be taken out of the crafting requirement.

I see this concept being expanded upon even further in the future.
The decay system is one thing, but I think everything should require maintenance.
Even if undamaged by purge or other players, all things would need to checked with the repair hammer now and then.

Consumables! There are still lots of potions and healing items that don’t spoil.
Healing wraps, alcohol, breating potions, etc.

Even tools, weapons and armor should lose durability constantly.
All this running around and my pants are still in pristine quality?
Please… That’s not very realistic.
And it’s hardened steel, not stainless, so it should naturally rust.
Iron even more so.

Since days go so fast ingame, I say 12 hours is a good starting point for how long a iron weapon should last.
Faster if you’ve been swimming, even faster if you swam in salt water!

In summary, I think Conan Exiles could have a whole bunch of mundane and timeconsuming mechanics which is what we players really want.
Gaming shouldn’t be about escaping reality, it should be about mimimicing the chores and repetetiveness of real life as much as possible…



Firstly on PVP servers this would make them unusable and untouched (why bother)
Secondly I would feel like I am playing the SIMS instead of Conan.

I play to escape reality and get my grind on. Doing mundane chores instead of building or getting ready to raid and putting fuel in my lights would just be a waste of time in which I could have built bombs or new blocks with. The more you trivialize the game the less I will use those components due to time sinks and just PVP in general.

On the other hand though, I would like to see more Banners, rugs, tables, etc to distinguish my base even though i play on a PVP server. I would love the option to make a banner or color one even if it is selection based.


I wholeheartedly agree with you.
Notice the sarcasm tag at the end of the article. :wink:

And I guess it’s too early to be critical regarding the upcoming changes that requires feeding thralls, but I sincerely hope it’s solved in a way that doesn’t add another layer of repetitive boredom.

Sigh Don’t give them ideas, please :smile:


WOW! You totally got me. :joy: :crazy_face:

I think we will have to wait. Will hunger be actual hunger?
Then gruel would be needed to be reworked. Reason? It’s slave food! I want to feed them the same stuff they got to eat on the wheel. :smiling_imp:
Also I hope those feeding stations will come with a LARGE inventory. … and a cooling mechanic, pretty please?

Well Funcom thinks offline purges are fun, so this should be right up their street :wink:


You played it as sarcasm, but i just left a thread where the OP mentioned:

-“The water always annoyed me why is it all fresh water it it leads out into the ocean doesn’t it?
Water should be salt water and require a campfire to boil it in a glass flask before consuming as for food remove the health benefits and add a chance for burnt food. Not all Barbarians are master cooks” (-Make survival harder)

So i think that there are those players, for the sake of RP, or something else, that wants things like this to happen.

I don’t think that this OP is wrong, though, i just think that this kind of gameplay wouldn’t fit the play style of this game…

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It’s a survival game all these things fit
And don’t be talking about me behind my back.

Sure, they can fit. Are they fun, though? You seem to think so, which is certainly your right, but not everybody wants to micromanage everything.

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as i just replied in your post, i dont think you are wrong, i quite agree. but it’s somewhat early for that… too many bugs so far, to be adding more things that could go wrong

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I agree with mikey and leeux.
Where is the limit between immersion and fun?
although this suggestion makes totally sense, this would be nothing funny for me and all players i met on different servers, because of course we all have already discussed about this idea, especially during the EA as we were discovering the game and learning all its mechanics. We were like all saying “thanks god no, you don’t need fuel to let your torches burn”

And if this is a sarcasm, i don’t get the whole point of your entire post


Honestly their is huge difference between survival and life simulator, adding a few mechanics to make surviving harder is ok, but there is a limit to menial tasks.

To prove this ask the question does this make the game more challenging or more boring. Out of the millions of fish and drywood you collect throughout the day how is adding more fuel burning components going to make the game a greater challenge. All these menial tasks do is take away from the survival aspect of the game by making you waste time putting oil in a lantern. Some things just dont need to be choreographed in the game and are understood unless you are telling me my character should now have crap and piss meter and every aspect of this survival game be turned into a living simulator.

If i want a crap and piss meter and have to wash my clothes brush my teeth then I will play SIMS. Otherwise it is understood that my character uses the bathroom puts oil in lamps and relights a candle I mean come on, even though they are barbarians most of them are not dumber than rocks and can function behind the scenes.


I want to make things clear
I do not want micromanagement I hate it
The water suggestion is to make survival harder every good survival game has it.


The whole post was meant as sarcasm @roro4066.

I am all for more complexity and mechanics that increase immersion, it’s the implementation I worry about.

I like how Fallout manages settlements.
And I think this would cover other requests I’ve seen regarding more thrall stations.

If you haven’t played fallout 4 the idea is that building objects yield a resource amount.
The more resources you have, the more settlers you can have.
For Conan Exiles this could be quite solvable by attaching resource values to existing objects and extending others.
E.g. the small well would produce 5 water, large well 20 water, fish trap 5 food, etc.
1 water and 1 food equals one thrall.
More buildings could be added to give some diversity in resource buildings.
Hunting station, scavenger stations, etc could be assignable by any thrall type where a higher tier thrall would yield more resources.

I can only relate to what I’ve played, but I’m sure there are many viable solutions that can be borrowed from other games.

I want to play games, not work games.


Ah ok sorry, didn’t get that, my bad…
I thought only the end of your thread was a sarcasm, you see?
Thanks for letting me understand your point of view then :sweat_smile:

I’m glad we agree on that, although you could have had a whole opposite opinion it still would not have been a problem for me…(everyone has the right to express his ideas as long as it is civilized).

it was more the contradiction of your main idea / and the sarcasm at the end that was puzzling me :wink:

Anyway thanks again and cheers !


Aye, the bane of comments on the internet.
I can live with some folks not reading to the end and flaming me for an idiotic proposal though. :smile:

I feel that this is what you expect whenever you see a reply :rofl:


Not the way I would have made the point about not wanting useless grind the post did make me think of one good suggestion I would like to see.

The oil lantern, but hand held. Would much rather have a lantern I can drop 100 or 200 oil into instead of repairing my torch every 15 minutes. And PLEASE make the chain/rope bindings and torch able to be held at the same time.

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Character needs to sleep, and urinate/defecate too. Eat a balanced diet with fruit and vegetables.

Female characters need to make sanitary napkins once every in-game month or risk infection, and suffer penalties to stamina regen.


No sanitary napkins > Increased aggro range.
As a bonus though, if you have a female taskmaster thralls would break faster during that same period. Cause she is grumpy!