All my items are gone from my inventory! (Age of Conan)

I am missing ALL my vanity armors, mounts and other items I don’t remember from 2 (Guardian and Priest) of my 3 active characters’s inventory. They were all on the last pages of their respective inventories and now there all gone. The only character that has it all is my Conqueror.

I tried uninstalling to remove all UI mods and discard a “visual” bug but the items are still gone.

Anyone can help?

Has your account-status maybe changed from Premium to Free recently?
Because when you become Free you will lose some bag space, these will be the last spaces.
You will also lose bank space (only 2 lines remain)

I wouldn’t think changing from Premium to Free would be it. The slots are still visible, just locked for dropping items in. And you can even pull items out of those locked slots if I remember right.

@Annachie Is anything else missing from your inventory? Or other things like Gold? Just wondering if your account got hacked and someone took unbound items, sold others for Gold, and mailed it all away.

Make sure to /petition in-game immediately just in case they get to your petition before the logs expire. Don’t hold your breath though, I hear some people have waited over 40 days for a response.

I was Premium but stopped being like 1 yr ago; I had still logged in from time to time just to check things and my items were still there. My little amount of gold is still there -unaccesible but there- and my Conqueror does have every vanity armors of old.