Back after many years

my friend came back to this game yesterday and when he got on his 50 and 57 all there gear was gone and there char naked. someone know the cause of this?

The game has undergone many server merges, sometimes it happens that the transfer goes wrong and all the items are gone. But this is no problem, your friend just needs to write a ticket to the live support and they will revert everything so that he gets his items back.
Sometimes it takes a few days until the live support answers but in most, if not all, cases they are able to load up some kind of backup of these characters.

Another possibility would be a hacked account, someone might have found out the user name and password of your friends account but as long as he can still log into this account it is no problem for the live support to roll everything back to a state where the character had all the items.
Just tell him that he should change his password in order to avoid being hacked again.

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Wow, been wondering the same thing… I am going to be returning in 2019 to Age of Conan and I just hope my characters are still there; took a lot to progress to tier-3 on my Rogue/Priest mains.

I hope I can return to my Stygian Rogue and Priest… for I know the world in the server-realm has missed my Areelav and Nirdail, by Set!

Cannot wait to return to Crom!

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