All over Suggesstion´s just a few ideas out of my phantasy :D

Buff frostgiant´s seriously :smiley: this boy is giant but as thrall is might ranked as C- Class …

Nerf lifeblood spear more maybe make it into a lifesteal by dealed damage instead of passive hp reg…

siege towers for raiding skybases ( with a free build menu so u can design it complete the way u need like in real)

buff tribok range :o:

jewells as a ressources who u can trade for special skins ingame shop / special slaves like dancer´s who give u a better buff as just life reg :x like dmg buff etc

maybe bring a bit of magic into the game like healing so u can make raids/dungeons with role set (also an ingame dps show programm so u can test out with an tranings dummy which rotation of speed and heavy attacks weapons etc brings the best dps ( player dmg should be designed indivduel to pve)

ballista o would be a dream seriously :3

bring more dlc! i want more exclusive stuff :3

keeping up this good work u already do !!! most important part !.

also a breeding system to increase ur pets (also for thralls and pet characterdetails with hp reg/dmg/dps/etc

a skin contest for the next dlc as community event (could also help u guys without any kind of work) as reward like the dlc as free gift

ingame titels below the name achivments like pvp kills hard dungeons raids

server vs server pvp on offical servers so u can raid other servers

raidable mounts like rhino elephants etc and maybe even some fly like dragons and maybe ships :slight_smile: (if u increase the outer rim with a bit more water :d (would be also improve the point of underwater palast :3

ally system for clans especially when server pvp ging on

hotkey to command ur thrall pet to attack … its annoying to wait unt ill u lose hp

atleast 1 whipe so u can motivate ur slaves to let them work faster

hair scissors for recut ur hair beard etc (even ur slaves)

did i said buff frostgiant thrall ? :o i guess yes but now its twice bc its nessecary :smiley: <3

and still keep up ur work guys love u :smiley:

greetings mysto

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